Meet the American baker and businesswoman who founded Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm.
The Pepperidge Farm brand today is a powerhouse of the American food industry.
Rudkin and Pepperidge Farm battled through the Great Depression and World War II and emerged as a dynamo of the American food industry.
She became an early national TV star as Pepperidge Farm pitchwoman in the 1950s.
When we discovered they were a variety of the sourgum species and were known as pepperidge trees, we called the place Pepperidge Farm."
Word spread — and before long, she had a mail-order business selling Pepperidge Farm bread to families far and wide.
"This article sparked orders from all over the country … Pepperidge Farm quickly outgrew its space on her actual farm, which brought about the rental of a building in Norwalk.
Pepperidge Farm continued to grow and expand throughout the 1940s and 1950s adding a variety of new products."
She sold Pepperidge Farm to Campbell Soup Co. in 1961.
Pepperidge Farm sold $22 million worth of product in 1961.
From Pepperidge Farm to ParisRudkin died at Yale-New Haven Hospital on June 1, 1967, after suffering from breast cancer.
An obituary issued by Pepperidge Farm listed her impressive achievements.