Head Start educator says she went 'through hell' fighting to keep job due to state, federal vax mandates

The administrator of a Head Start program in Washington state said she went "though hell" fighting to keep her job in the face of state and federal vaccine mandates for program staffers – which still remain even as the rest of the country rolls back pandemic restrictions.
Sarah Werling, a Head Start center manager in Friday Harbor, Washington, told Fox News Digital that due to state regulations, she was barred from the classroom until this fall when Gov.
Last October, she was initially granted a religious exemption by her program, but was told she would need to be reassigned from her job.
GOP WELCOMES END TO ‘DISASTROUS’ POLICY OF MASKING HEAD START TODDLERS"We're working in early childhood education," Werling said, speaking about the mask mandate's effect on her students.
"I would have left two years ago, but I believe in it so much," Werling said of Head Start.
The Department of Health and Human Services still mandates staff in about half of the country's Head Start programs to be vaccinated for COVID-19, despite loosening CDC guidelines and a recent legal injunction paused the mandate.
HHS rolled back its masking mandate for toddlers in Head Start – an early childhood education program that serves vulnerable children – after political pressure last month.
However, Doughty limited the injunction he issued to just the 24 states behind the lawsuit against the coronavirus mandates.
That left the rest of the country except Texas – which blocked the mandate's enforcement via a separate case – still subject to a requirement that Head Start employees be vaccinated.
who was one of the lawmakers pressing the Biden administration to abandon the Head Start mask mandate before it did so last month, said Tuesday the vaccine mandate should go as well.
"Americans have had it with government mask and vaccine mandates," Thune said in a statement to Fox News Digital.
"If the pandemic is over, as the president himself declared, these misguided and outdated federal policies should end in every state today."