Deaths of prominent New Jersey politico, teacher remain shrouded in mystery nearly 8 years later

The deaths of a prominent New Jersey couple discovered after a suspicious house fire at their suburban Garden State home remain shrouded in mystery despite the nearly eight years that have passed without any concrete answers.
The case was initially ruled a murder-suicide, with Somerset County investigators announcing that John Sheridan killed his wife by stabbing her in the chest before stabbing and killing himself.
Her body was riddled with 10 stab wounds and incisions to her head and chest, the report states.
His body had five stab wounds or incisions in his neck, chest and abdomen, the report states, and he appeared to have suffered rib fractures.
Lilavois later determined John Sheridan died from suicide as a result of "sharp force injuries and smoke inhalation."
In the report, Baden wrote that Mr. Sheridan’s injuries were "more consistent with homicide than self-infliction."
"The weapon used to stab John Sheridan was not recovered and indicates it was removed by a third party."
And blood evidence "does not support the conclusion that John Sheridan stabbed Joyce Sheridan."
Baden concluded: "It is my opinion to a reasonable agree of medical certainty that John Sheridan’s manner of death is properly certified as undetermined."
"We have suicides that are by hangings, by gunshot wounds, by stab wounds.
Mrs. Sheridan’s stab wounds did not match those on Mr. Sheridan, which appeared more "stiletto-like … a thin, sharp knife," Baden said.
And prior to his death, John Sheridan served as president and CEO of Cooper University Health Care in Camden, New Jersey.