Latest moves suggest DOJ investigation of 2020 election is looking at conduct directly related to Trump and his closest allies

It signals that the Department's probe has reached inside former President Donald Trump's White House and that investigators are looking at conduct directly related to Trump's and his closest allies' efforts to overturn his election defeat.
Former Pence chief of staff Marc Short testified in front of a grand jury in DC on Friday, CNN has confirmed.
Fellow Pence aide Greg Jacob testified in recent weeks as well, CNN has learned from a source close to the investigation.
Jacob, a former legal adviser to Pence, has participated in the House January 6 select committee investigation , even testifying publicly at a hearing last month .
How to approach Trump in the January 6 investigation has been a delicate question for the Justice Department.
The department has faced immense pressure from lawmakers, former prosecutors and others to focus on the ringleaders of the 2020 election reversal gambits.
But any investigation of a former president raises a host of highly sensitive and potentially explosive political and legal questions.
"The Department of Justice needs to look at any possible criminality," Kinzinger said Tuesday on CNN's "New Day."
Witnesses to inflection points in the pressure campaign on PenceThe Justice Department declined to comment on the grand jury subpoenas of Short and Jacob.
Jacob also described a conversation with Eastman where Eastman conceded that no justice on the Supreme Court would support his position.
Ignoring this history, President Trump vigorously campaigned for the Vice President to single-handedly determine the results of the 2020 election."
Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson has also indicated that it's working to share information with the Justice Department from that aspect of the lawmakers' probe.