Brand loved by Harry Styles and Mick Jagger launches womenswear

"Maybe he got it for Christmas," joked Emily Adams Bode Aujla, creator of the garment and founder of its eponymous label, Bode, over a Zoom call from Paris.
"With his tour," said Bode Aujla, "(Harry) was signed with Gucci, but he's one of our most loyal Hollywood customers.
Much of what Bode sells is one-of-a-kind, with garments reimagined out of deadstock textiles and vintage garb.
Yet, while relatively down to earth in approach, Bode is in the luxury category when it comes to pricing.
Bode evokes emotion through the reworked vintage garments and historical reproductions of 20th century clothes.
For example, for her Spring 2018 lineup, Bode Aujla traveled to Peymeinade, France to meet with her uncle's mother.
The woman told Bode Aujla about the attic (le grenier in French) in her own childhood home.
Bode Aujla was engrossed, and the room would inspire that season's overall collection, which made use of toweling fabric, old duvets, and more.
This new line included historical reproductions of 1920's-era dresses and 1940's-era gowns along with replications of 1970's-era garments that Bode Aujla's mom Janet kept and handed down.
While Bode Aujla has long mined personal experience and observation for inspiration, she recognizes that emotional connectivity--born by looking inward, and fueled by the power of family--is universal, regardless of her specific ancestral intimacy.
Retail is the second prong of Bode Aujla's 2023 plan: She is aiming to open a third store, this time in the United Kingdom or in Europe.
"We've experienced tremendous growth because of our retail stores," said Bode Aujla.