Bella Hadid's spray-on dress goes viral at Paris Fashion Week

On Friday evening, Bella Hadid closed French label Coperni's Spring-Summer 2023 show with a dress that was sprayed on in front of a live audience.
For nearly 10 minutes, guests watched in awe as Torres and his team realized Coperni's design in real time.
And, from afar, the fabric looked like a smooth jersey that appeared to move with the ease of a T-shirt.
But when Hadid completed a lap around the runway, one could see a gentle texturing reminiscent of water droplets.
Bella Hadid at the Coperni Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show.
Credit: Julien de Rosa/AFP/Getty Images"You can wear this dress, keep it as a dress and put it on a hanger.
The dress was created in just 10 minutes using the spray-on technology Fabrican.
Coperni, founded in 2013, often cross-pollinates fashion with art, science, technology and craftsmanship.
Both Meyer and Vaillant insisted, however, that it wasn't an homage to McQueen.
The dress can return to a liquid and be re-sprayed over and over again.
Credit: Julien de Rosa/AFP/Getty ImagesElsewhere in Coperni's new Spring-Summer collection, holographic floral prints appeared on pieces of vinyl attached to fitted jackets.
"S├ębastien (Meyer)'s main inspiration is innovation, whether its technology or the digital sphere," Vaillant said of his Coperni co-founder.