A Muslim teenager was killed at a protest in India. His family wants answers

New Delhi (CNN) "They're firing bullets, they're firing bullets!"
a voice yells on video over the sound of gunfire during clashes between police and Muslim protesters in the eastern Indian city of Ranchi.
Footage posted to social media of the June 10 protest shows 15-year-old Mudassir Alam raising his fist in the air as the crowd chants, "Long live Islam."
Mudassir's grieving father, Parvez Alam, doesn't know who killed his teenage son, but in a police complaint he accused officers of "indiscriminately firing using AK-47s and pistols targeting the Muslim mob."
Ansari's father, Mohammad Afzal, told CNN his 20-year-old son was returning home from his job selling cellphones in the market when "police opened fire."
The shootingFather and son were working at the family's fruit stall on Mahatma Gandhi Main Road, a main thoroughfare through Ranchi, when protesters gathered after Friday prayers, Alam told CNN.
Video from inside Shree Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, verified by CNN, shows several people sheltering on the ground floor, including police officers.
The recent comments by former BJP representatives about the Prophet Mohammed did not only anger Muslims in India.
But victims told CNN only Muslim homes had been destroyed, and that no warning was given before their properties were reduced to rubble.
Aakar Patel, Chair of the Amnesty International India Board, told CNN that authorities were "violating Indian law and Indian obligations to various treaties that the country has signed."
Parveen told CNN Mudassir had phoned her after he finished helping his father to say he was coming home.
He was the only son and future of my family," he wrote in his police complaint.