Why now? How four senators finally got a gun deal no one thought was possible

Frustrated by inaction on gun safety legislation in the wake of previous tragedies, she wanted to make it clear this time had to be different.
I texted both men right away," she said, referring to the senators from Texas and North Carolina.
Leadership gives their blessingHours after the shooting in Uvalde, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was under tremendous pressure to act quickly on gun legislation.
This, he said publicly, would become an issue that voters would have to decide at the polls if Washington wouldn't solve it.
The next day, the majority leader held an early morning call with his staff to walk through the options.
But, Murphy wanted to try.
The senators also fielded calls from colleagues offering a host of ideas and proposals they wanted to include in gun safety legislation.
Some GOP senators were clamoring to include their provisions in the bill.
The thinking within the group of four negotiators was that in order to keep members bought in, communication was key.
The core four senators told CNN that the group had relatively few moments of real tension given the topic they were negotiating.
Cornyn had a flight back to Texas to catch, and he warned it was time to make some decisions.
In the end, senators were able to bring the deal back from the brink throughout the weekend.