Women in Web3 – Impacting Blockchain, Decentralized Finance And The Gamefi Tokenomic World

Santa Clarita, California. Defi-Tokenomics.com reports on the trend and presence of women in blockchain and the benefits that women bring to the industry.

Blockchain is an industry that is male dominated. A recent report by CB Insights found that only 6% of ICOs in Q2 2018 had any kind of female presence (or representation). Outside trackers believe this is a problem and that change will impact the industry in a forward movement.

Women in blockchaing

Ward, the CTO of LINKEDIN, explains that women bring a different perspective to tech innovation because they tend to think holistically. Women tend to look at things from the perspective of the user, whereas men tend to focus on the technical aspects. This fact at times can lead to better product innovation.

“It is easy to follow the status quo,” Stated Raul Meza, content director at Defi-Tokenomics.com. “People often think that if it’s not broken then don’t fix it. The problem with this kind of thinking is often those in power that think that way are the ones who benefit the most from the current model. That is usually not the case for the masses. Technology is a field that would greatly benefit from thinking that comes from different angles and we are certainly greatly overlooking one of the biggest angles we have when we don’t have enough women representation”

The blockchain industry has a dearth of women working in top positions. In fact, the CB Insights report mentioned earlier found that only 5% of the CEOs in token sales are women. It is important to note that lack of women in top positions in the blockchain world does not mean that they are not out there. It just means that they are not getting recognized.

More information on this subject can be found at https://defi-tokenomics.com/women-in-web3-impacting-blockchain-decentralized-finance-and-the-gamefi-tokenomic-world/ which also hosts a video on women and WEB3.

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