Woman Finds Confidence and Gains the Tools to Maintain Sobriety at WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Fort Myers, Florida -

Fort Myers, Florida — A woman was so grateful for the skills she learned in addiction treatment at WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab she left an enthusiastic five-star review on Google.

I left the 30-day program here feeling confident about returning to my life with many tools and eager to maintain a sober life,” wrote the former patient, Molly. “I have tremendous gratitude for everything I have experienced here and all of the people I encountered through this process.”

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In her review, Molly raved, “A beautiful campus with spacious private accommodations, fantastic food, great therapists, super staff (medical, nursing and behavioral health technicians) all join together to create a well-balanced and supportive program offering various recovery modalities, spirituality, exercise, yoga and meditation, nightly meetings and many classes to aid in the recovery process.”

Molly’s story is not unusual. Many people struggling with alcohol and drug dependence find sustained recovery at WhiteSands, which is proud to note a higher rate of graduates finding lasting recovery after leaving treatment. This is due to several factors, including offering more therapy sessions than the industry standard (five per week compared to just one); a high staff-to-patient ratio that keeps sessions smaller and more personalized; and a highly credentialed and dedicated staff that provides better continuity of care and is totally focused on patient outcomes. In addition, WhiteSands offers a Life Skills Program for graduates, which sets them up for success through daily support — a critical tool in relapse prevention.

WhiteSands doesn’t take a standardized, generic approach to outpatient or inpatient rehab but provides counseling and therapy customized for each individual client.

The journey to recovery includes family therapy; accelerated resolution therapy; sober living facilitation; mental health treatment; trauma therapy; and dual diagnosis treatment, which approaches addiction as a symptom of an underlying emotional or psychological condition rather than as a single disorder. Throughout their journey to recovery, from medical detox to behavioral therapy and Life Skills work, patients get expert guidance from board-certified treatment specialists.

Contributing to the success of the program are the physical surroundings at WhiteSands, which offers comfortable accommodations and amenities — they are not luxurious but are far more welcoming and hospitable than we usually associate with drug rehab facilities. WhiteSands believes in treating its patients like guests at a resort when they’re not in treatment.

It’s not a matter of pampering but is based on the common-sense belief that patients will be much more open to treatment if they are physically comfortable and treated with respect and dignity. It also helps them to sustain recovery after treatment.

The facility is located on a spacious 10-acre campus. Accommodations are in private rooms, and clients have access to cellphones or other electronic devices so they can stay in touch with their support networks outside the center. Amenities on the WhiteSands grounds include a recreation center where clients can come at the end of treatment each day to relax and have fun with games, physical activities and socializing. Clients can join an optional boxing program led by a professional trainer, in which they can get physically fit and burn off pent-up energy. WhiteSands believes that when patients can exert energy in a healthy, constructive manner, they are also developing new hobbies and habits they can take with them to their new lives of sobriety and peace.

“If you’re ready for recovery from alcohol or drugs, I absolutely recommend WhiteSands Treatment in Fort Myers,” Molly advised.

Anyone seeking comprehensive treatment for a substance use disorder can visit WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab or call 877-959-2008.


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