Venerated pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator is Reincarnated in New RoshiWave Device at

EEG neurofeedback clinicians and self-meditation enthusiasts are rejoicing with the release of the Roshiwave at Roshiwave is described as " a "Digital Compass" for your brain that gently guides the user's mind to a sublime meditative state beyond the perception of time without conscious effort" and "a personal master of Zen waiting to train users to enter a timeless meditative mind state."

The Roshiwave "Dynamic Neuro-Activation" device is now available at allowing pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator clinicians and end users an opportunity to acquire "ROSHI protocol" devices in a next-generation form. Roshiwave includes a full compliment of all historical ROSHI neurostimulation protocols as well as several new modes and combinations of classic algorithms.

The pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator, was a neurostimulation device with a dedicated following in the EEG clinical research and treatment community, has been out of production since 2013. Prices of second-hand units skyrocketed in the years since production ceased and the supply of new units disappeared from the marketplace. This situation led to many clinicians and end users purchasing used units from the secondary market at very high prices, but only on the rare occasions when and if there were any available for sale. The pROSHI was also very popular with end users as a mind balancing and deep meditation inducing device.

The RoshiWave employs an algorithmic "Error-Correction System for the Brain" which normalizes brain waves rather than entrain them. RoshiWave accomplishes this through a process of ‘Dynamic Neuro-Activation,’ through which RoshiWave dis-entrains abnormal brainwave frequencies in the brain and quiets the mind. Inner chatter is silenced, the world falls away and a profound state of peace, relaxation and clarity is reached.

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