Tucson Rehab Center Posts Several New Releases Including Ones that Discuss Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction in Arizona

Catalina Behavioral Health is a Tucson, Arizona rehab center that has been providing essential services for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for many years now. It has established several drug and alcohol detox & rehab programs that often provide the necessary means for its clients to get on the path to recovery and stay there. This is in keeping with its stated mission of helping as many people as possible overcome their addictions and related mental health struggles. Carolina Behavioral Health accomplishes this not only through its evidence-based and individualized treatment programs but also by posting resources that better inform Tucson area addiction sufferers that there is help for them. A good example of this is that the staff at this rehab center that’s located in the beautiful Catalina Foothills of Arizona center has just announced the posting of a trio of vital new resources related to finding help for fentanyl in AZ along with other drug addictions. A spokesperson for Catalina Behavioral Health says, “Although reputable rehab centers across the country such as ours have had much success helping people with drug and alcohol addictions change their life for the better, those with these types of dependencies don’t always realize that there is help available for them. That’s why our staff here feels it's so important to create and post resources that encourage addiction sufferers to seek help.”

This rehab facility’s spokesperson went on to state that the first of these three new recently posted articles was written for those who are interested in taking steps to attempt to free themselves from fentanyl dependency. It talks about how their team of caring rehab professionals has dedicated treatment programs to help those struggling with fentanyl addictions. This includes medically supervised detox along with medication-assisted options that are often indicated and desired by its clients. She said this new resource also describes how they offer residential treatment for opioids and intensive outpatient services that include fully supported aftercare planning and relapse prevention lessons. A mission that the staff at Catalina Behavioral Health is fully dedicated to because of their desire to help those in Arizona and nationwide recover from the deadly opioid drug problem that has been sweeping across the country.

A man suffers through fentanyl withdrawal without knowing Catalina Behavioral Health in Tucson offers fentanyl addiction treatment

The second newly posted resource is a related piece that details the effects of withdrawing from fentanyl use. This includes a detailed discussion of common fentanyl withdrawal symptoms that often accompany stopping the use of this highly addictive substance. Symptoms may include frequent yawning and watery eyes, muscle pains, abdominal cramps, nausea, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, increased heart rate/blood pressure, and more. The company spokesperson pointed out that in addition to going over the signs that indicate that someone is suffering from fentanyl withdrawal, this release also covers how their treatment facility can help its clients minimize and overcome withdrawals to establish lasting recovery.

The last release goes into similar details that are related to heroin dependency. Another concerning type of addiction has been negatively impacting those in Arizona and elsewhere across the United States. She mentioned that the last of the new resources their staff created take a look at how people can identify that a friend or loved one may be dealing with a heroin dependency. By posting this release, the staff hopes to increase a heroin sufferer’s chances of getting the critical help they need to escape from the likelihood of accidental overdose due to heroin often being laced with much more potent fentanyl. This is a common occurrence that makes recognizing the signs of someone using heroin crucial.

Those that are struggling with fentanyl and other addictions that have reached out to Catalina Behavioral Health for help often have nothing but great things to say about this rehab facility in reviews. Ryan Beckman stated, “This treatment center is the best. The staff is really caring and was always there to help me with my needs. I highly recommend this place to anybody struggling with substance abuse.” Miguel O. proclaimed, “I entered the program 12/14/22. I was withdrawn, and quiet and didn't know if I really wanted to be there. I left 1/30/23 with confidence and strength that I never knew I had. They made me feel at home and they treated me with dignity and respect. The staff is incredible, they helped me through some of my trauma and went above and beyond with my treatment. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, please seek help and Catalina is the perfect place to do that.” As always, the spokesperson for Catalina Behavioral Health stated that prospective clients are encouraged to reach out by phone. At the same time, those needing more information on its resources are directed to its web and social media presence. She added, “If you or someone you love struggles with addiction or mental health issues, we are here to give you your best chance at returning to a happy and free life.”


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