Tiny Rituals Explains How to Use the Crystal Sphere to Improve the Home or Altar

Encinitas, California -

Tiny Rituals, a company based in Encinitas, CA, has explained how people can improve their home or altar with crystal spheres. Historically, the sphere has been regarded as one of the most sacred shapes since it represents wholeness and unity. A crystal sphere can be held in the hand for a few moments to harness or move energy. And it can also be placed upon a sacred altar to establish a space of clear and vivid energy and to work for the body, mind, and soul. Crystal balls are polished mini spheres that abound with energy. When it is rolled between the palms, it is possible to fill every cell of the body with radiant energy, allowing a person to harness the individual power of one’s natural chosen gemstone.

Tiny Rituals is a provider of spiritual jewelry that are not only used to make a fashion statement. These jewelry were curated from ancient crystals and precious gems and they have all kinds healing characteristics that can balance the mind, body, and soul. These spiritual jewelry come in the form of gemstone bracelets or healing rings. They have a collection of spiritual gemstone bracelets. The choice of specific gemstones may be based on the person’s star sign, chakra colors, or simply through intuition. Meanwhile, healing rings can be used for blocked chakras and emotional ties. Their collection of healing rings can be just what people need in the fast paced modern world where people tend to lose connection with their deep-set beliefs and energy patterns. Healing rings call on a person to soul search and hold intention, which can be exactly what is required to illuminate one’s path.

girl holding amethyst sphere

A spokesperson for Tiny Rituals says, “We also have crystals you should use for protection. Your home is your haven and should be a sacred space of nurturing energy. It’s always a hope to build a home that provides a protective aura and lifts you up every time you step over the threshold. Crystals can help you to forge protective boundaries, keep negative energy at bay, and curate a space that spills over with love, calming energy, and creative spirit.”

Homes can actually absorb the energy of the residents, such that it can become a space filled with frustration, tears, changing emotions, and even visitors can bring in their vibes resulting into an accumulation of negative energy. This is why it is vital to use crystals to reclaim that particular space. They have a variety of crystals for this purpose. Agate is for sweet sleep and good pillow talk. Rose quartz offers loving energy and compassion. Clear quartz can make the home one’s own mood board. Amethyst provides a peaceful space. Citrine is for good luck and sunny vibes during winter. Carnelian is for establishing a creative space. Selenite is for bringing the light. Black tourmaline is for getting rid of negative vibes. Carnelian provides warm vibes and radiant energy. Aventurine is for the troubled heart and it is believed to establish strong bonds between loved ones and get rid of negative energy. Lapis Lazuli has been used since ancient times for protection against psychic attacks. It can also bring about emotional balance and help with dreamwork. Pyrite is used to get rid of bad vibes and bring good fortune.

Tiny Rituals was established after the founders saw with their own eye the malnutrition that children in India were experiencing while they were living in impoverished communities. The company was founded to help with Vitamin A deficiency disorder by donating 10 percent of the company’s profits for the provision of nutrition to at-risk children. They have established as their mission to protect children who are in need with inspired spiritual jewelry. They use quality gemstones with grade AA or better stones in their products for quality, purpose, and clarity.

Those who are interested in spheres made of pure crystal for their home or altar can check out the Tiny Rituals website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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