Tiny Rituals Announces Worry Stone Collection

Encinitas, California -

California based crystal and gem seller Tiny Rituals is announcing their new line of worry stones, made from genuine crystal. Worry stones are small, round stones with an indent or depression that makes them the perfect shape to hold in the palm or rub between a thumb and forefinger. Worry stones have been used for centuries as a meditation tool or just something to fiddle with to relieve stress; people from the Ancient Greeks to Irish country folk collected smooth stones to carry with them and hold in their hands when they felt the need to ground themselves in something tangible.

Tiny Rituals specializes in small objects made from authentic stones that can aid in practices of mindfulness or bringing a sense of intention into a person’s life, and their worry stones are no exception. These worry stones are available in a number of beautiful crystal varieties, including sunstone, carnelian, and rainbow moonstone. Gemstones from Tiny Rituals are guaranteed to be authentic, and are sustainably sourced from around the world. Each of these gorgeous worry stones made of crystal includes a description of some of the traditional meanings and beliefs surrounding each kind of stone, so customers can pick a stone that might have historical uses that align with their goals and desires in life. Thus by holding the stone and rubbing it with their thumb, they can have a tangible reminder of these goals and desires and their ability to reach for them.

rose quartz worry stone

Each worry stone description also includes a mantra related to the stone in question. For example, for Rainbow Moonstone, the mantra offered by Tiny Rituals reads, “With this stone at my side, I am ready to take the next step on my journey.” According to the company website, Rainbow Moonstone is often believed to strengthen intuition, invite a psychic or spiritual connection, and to build up layers of confidence and compassion for oneself. Tiny Rituals recommends the Rainbow Moonstone worry stone for travelers, regardless of whether they are traveling the world or the dark pathways of their own souls. Customers so far have been happy with their Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stones, with 5 star average reviews so far. In a review, verified buyer Polly says, “My sister loves her worry stone! We’ll be purchasing many more of these different stones in the future. They’re very grounding!” All of the varieties of worry stones that have received ratings from customers so far are rated highly.

In addition to worry stones, Tiny Rituals also sells other crystals & stones in many other forms, including bracelets and other jewelry, and crystals shaped into spheres, hearts, pyramids and more. Purchases from Tiny Rituals even give back to the world, as the creators of the online store founded their business after traveling to India and witnessing the consequences of widespread malnutrition in children. Wanting to do something to help, they created Tiny Rituals to provide a way for people to bring more intention into their own lives, while also donating ten percent of the profit they make from sales to organizations bringing vital nutrients to at risk children. Another ten percent of their profits are donated to other charitable organizations, including those working to protect the environment.

Anyone interested in purchasing beautiful spiritual jewelry or tools made from quality gemstones can find a large selection from Tiny Rituals and know they are giving back with their purchases. Whether they want a worry stone, or another product from the store, such as a gemstone bracelet inspired by their zodiac sign, or a cube made from purple rainbow fluorite, they can visit Tiny Ritual’s website to learn more about their options. At this time, bundles of 3 items purchased at once can be discounted an additional twenty percent, and shipping for US orders is free for purchases over $75. Shipping is fast, and returns, should they be necessary, are simple. Tiny Rituals has options for anyone looking for crystals to deepen their spiritual practice, including worry stones, and so much more.


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