Thorough Inspections Have Become a Hallmark of Bath Roofing Company

Bath roofing and home improvement contractor, MAH Roofing, is a 3-decade-old company that’s made up of employees that bring many years of experience to their trade. All that knowledge has made this company keenly aware that good roofing work almost always starts with a thorough roof inspection. Fortunately, according to the company owner, that’s something that has become a hallmark of this Bath, Somerset business.

Haji says, “Even though the interior of your home may be showing signs that your roof is leaking, or you see an obvious problem with your roof covering material, it’s very hard to tell what the exact problem with your roof is without getting up on top of it and inspecting it. This is the reason why we always make sure to go up on a roof and thoroughly inspect it before we do any roofing work for our customers. That’s what makes us a great choice to call if you are experiencing a roof leak or your roof covering needs repair or replacement in Bath near me.”

The company owner wanted to make sure that people know they are a bath Roofer that takes doing roof inspections very seriously. That’s because they believe a complete roof inspection leads to the best chance of doing a roof repair that looks great and stays watertight many years into the future. Part of this is walking every inch of a roof when they go up on top of it. That way they can look for places on the roof surface that are getting worn, forming pockets of water, or showing other signs of current or potential roof problems.

As they walk, Haji stated that their veteran roofing techs will also try and detect any roof structural issues. Signs of these include irregularities in the evenness of a roof’s surface or a place in a roof that feels soft when a tech steps on it. Other signs of roof problems include cracked, missing, or slipping tiles/slates, debris in guttering and downspouts, moss growth, and loose or rusty nails. Extreme weather conditions, ageing, poor installation, critters, lack of maintenance, and the expansion and contraction of roofing materials due to heat and cold are also known to cause roof issues. He added that they will also check to make sure the protective flashing and boots that are found around chimneys and vent pipes are in good shape as these areas are known to be very leak-prone.

They are an experienced company that also can tell if a roof is vented properly or not. Something very important because improperly vented roofs may lead to early replacement of tiles, slate, or other roof covering materials. According to MAH Roofing’s owner, a well-performed roof inspection also leads to the most accurate estimates, even thou sometimes it’s impossible to detect roof problems under the surface no matter how thorough an inspection is. He says the roof inspections that they do also play a key role in getting the right materials for the job and when it comes to proper pre-planning, so the job goes smoother. That’s why he feels that their roof repair, flat roofing, roof replacement, roof maintenance, commercial roof repair, and commercial roof replacement services are so highly rated.

In addition to the company’s reputable roof repair, leak detection, and whole roof replacement work, it's also well-known for its guttering repair & replacement work and its full line of insulation installation services. Haji says that they are a company that believes in going above and beyond for its customers too. That includes not only doing top-notch work but also providing excellent customer service, standing behind their work, and only using the highest quality materials. Besides Bath, the company owner informed that they also provide roofing and other home improvement services to those in Frome, Westbury, Trowbridge, Midsomer Norton, and other Somerset locations.

Haji stated that more information on their Bath roofing service can be attained by calling them, sending them an email, or by using the contact form that’s found on their website.


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