The Gift Of Scent Launches Natural USB Diffusers For Aromatherapy

The Gift of Scent, an online store that specializes in Aromatherapy products, has launched its full line of USB diffusers on Shopify. The entire line of Aromatherapy USB-powered essential oil diffusers by The Gift Of Scent is safe, natural, and uses essential oils without water.

The first product in the line of the company’s USB-powered aromatherapy diffusers includes the Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan which comes in two colors - Blue & Marble and Green & Bamboo. It retails for $29.99, and the package includes the Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan, an instruction booklet, 4-absorbent pads, 1 pad holder, and 1 USB cable. The diffuser uses a patented gravity-fed design that wicks oil to the pad above the fan. The system uses a powerful heat-free diffusion allowing the user to just set it and forget it. The diffuser has 2 timer aroma interval intensity settings. There is no refilling required until the bottle is done. Buyers can use their essential oils in the Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan as it works with most 5 mL and 10 mL standard-sized bottles. The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan plugs into a USB port using the included USB cord or the buyer can use 4 AA batteries to take it with them on the go.

usb essential oil diffuser

For those who want even more portability, the company offers the FlashScent® USB Aromatherapy Diffuser. It plugs directly into any standard USB port, making it perfect for students and employees who want to enjoy its calming aromas when they sit down to study or work. It retails for $12.50 and includes the USB Scent diffuser, 2.5 mL of essential oil, and 3 absorbent pads. One application of essential oil lasts about 3-7 days, depending on the amount of use. It shuts off automatically at 4 hours which is very useful as many other diffusers often will run until dry. It has a push-button restart functionality and an LED indicator for high (red) or low (green) settings. It is available in two SKUs – one with peppermint essential oil and another one with lavender essential oil.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the line of USB essential oil diffuser products by saying, “As we move to a generation of smart devices, it is natural for the progress to touch all aspects of technology, healthcare, and wellness. Though these USB oil diffusers are not exactly equipped with smart features, they take away one very important source of friction when it comes to using Aromatherapy devices in your home or on the go. Many people complain that the wall outlets in their homes are already occupied by other devices, leaving them with fewer options of where to keep their Aromatherapy oil diffuser so that it can stay plugged in. This also makes it hard to place them at a vantage point from where the beautiful scent can waft into the entire home or apartment. With the USB-powered essential oil diffusers, you can use them anywhere where you can set up a USB outlet such as those on a laptop or power bank. You can also take these portable devices with you on the go without you having to worry about how you are going to power them. Imagine sitting in the park with the sweet aroma of your favorite essential oils keeping you company as you enjoy the cool morning or evening breeze. You can do that now with the enhanced portability of our USB-powered essential oil diffusers. Head over to The Gift Of Scent store and get the diffuser that matches your needs, today.”

Readers can head over to The Gift of Scent online store to browse its aromatherapy products that include aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. The company’s other products include wax warmers, wax warmer fragrances, Plugables® Electric Diffusers, Plugables® Fragrance Refills, ScentSlides® Electric Diffusers, Fragrances for ScentSlides®, candles, 12-volt & USB diffusers, portable air fresheners, and vent clip diffusers. The company also offers specific fragrance collections for different seasons and special occasions.

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