The Allen Thomas Group Explains How to Get a Certificate of Insurance for a Small Business

The Allen Thomas Group, an insurance agency based in Medina, OH, has recently released an article on its website that explains the process of getting a certificate of insurance for a small business. They want to point out that it is the perfect way to make sure that the business has the necessary initial insurance coverage. The article explains the essentials of getting a certificate of insurance for a small business.

A representative for The Allen Thomas Group says, “Obtaining a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is like taking out an insurance policy for your venture – it’s an essential step to protect you and your operations. As a business owner, you’ll likely be asked to provide proof of insurance to secure contracts or agreements with other organizations. A COI is a document that serves as evidence that you have the necessary liability coverage in place. It also details the type and amount of coverage you’ve purchased to protect yourself professionally. A COI should include all relevant information regarding your insurance policies, such as: policy numbers, effective dates and expiration dates, insured name(s), and description of coverage provided and limits of liability. In addition, it should state that the certificate holder has been added as an additional insured on the policy.”

getting a certificate of insurance for a small business

It is also important to ensure that a COI is valid and meets all the needs of the business before accepting it. First, it is vital to check the evidence found in the form of a Certificate of Liability Insurance or Proof of Liability Insurance and then examine the details on the COI form to ensure accuracy. Next, the types of business insurance should be as expected by the client in terms of coverage. Third, all parties involved need to be listed properly on the COI. Lastly, is it important to check if there are any additional endorsements since its issuance date and whether these can provide sufficient protection for business operations.

There are three steps needed to get a COI. The first step is to look for an insurance provider that is offering commercial insurance certificates and suits the budget. After selecting a particular insurer, the second step is to fill out their application form and submit it along with the needed documents. The third step is to request insurance coverage based on the specific requirements of the business and ensure that a liability insurance certificate is received in return for confirming the kinds of coverage obtained for the business.

While getting small business insurance may be complex, with the appropriate guidance, such as the one provided by The Allen Thomas Group, it is possible to find insurance coverage that fits the needs of the business, including its budget. The types of insurance needed may include liability insurance, commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance, business owner’s policies, and business interruption insurance.

To determine the specific details of the business insurance policies needed, they want to advise business owners to: educate themselves on the available options, examine exclusions, compare quotes, read reviews, and review the policy regularly.

Launched in 2003 by Joe Race, The Allen Thomas Group has grown to achieve the reputation of a top provider of insurance solutions to both individuals and businesses. Joe Race, who is currently the CEO of the company, is a graduate of The University of Akron and started his career as an investment advisor in the 1990s but he soon found that his customers also needed to protect their investments. When they began, ATG provided help to individual and business clients searching for solutions for their insurance and safety requirements. At present, The Allen Thomas Group provides comprehensive and customized business insurance solutions sourced from top carriers to provide customers appropriate insurance coverage at the best price.

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