Surna Cultivation Technologies To Host Webinar For Cultivators

Boulder, Colorado -

Surna Cultivation Technologies ( will be hosting a webinar for controlled environment cultivators on November 29 at 2 pm EST.

Surna comments, "We all love that new-market $4000 price-per-pound. But realistically, cultivators are getting squeezed in mature states, and at some point, they’ll get squeezed in all of them. Managing operating costs while maximizing yields is the only way to survive the inevitable decline in revenue associated with changing market conditions. This panel of experts will discuss how you can produce more for less."

surna webinar 2022-11-29

Managing operating costs while maximizing yields is the only way to survive the inevitable decline in revenue associated with changing market conditions. During this panel, attendees will learn bout how to reduce and reuse water to minimize run-off and reclaim condensate (nutrient and water costs, some have wastewater cost considerations). Additionally, attendees will learn how to monitor and optimize irrigation strategies, specifically as it relates to energy use associated with dehumidification.

Another point that will be discussed during the webinar is growing medium considerations and avoiding soil. Soil is costly to purchase and transport. Soil is also a one-time use grow medium that costs money to dispose of once it has been used. It’s also a great way to introduce pests and pathogens into the growing environment.

Surna comments that "Pesticides can cost $10K-$12K a month. Instead, isolate grow rooms from each other. Install air sanitation equipment and keep the entire facility clean by sterilizing all the equipment and grow rooms between each use. Precise and aggressively maintained SOPs, tight climate control."

Other topics to be discussed during the webinar will cover HVAC considerations and utilizing a heat recovery system instead of using extra energy for dehumidification reheat (HGRH DX systems, heat recovery chiller systems, or standalone dehumidifiers), lighting considerations and why growers should be considering LEDs for a retrofit, ways to optimize electrical usage such as time of use, max use (flip, staggered lighting schedules, time irrigation to when energy rates are lowest re: dehumidification peak), automation technologies, and systems maintenance to establish SOPs to keep equipment clean and ensure operational longevity.

Lastly, the topic of data collection and R&D and the dangers of a "we’ve always done it this way" mindset, and lowering operating costs while reducing carbon footprints will be covered.

The webinar panel will feature several industry experts including Surna's Senior Technical Advisor Brandy Keen, Stephen Stewart, Business manager of Evoqua Water Technologies, Architect Chad Hanson of Premier Architecture, and Ashley Hubbard, Director of Cultivation at Rair to discuss how to survive when the pound price tanks.

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