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Columbus, Ohio: When a person doesn't have a background in behavioral health, it is often difficult to understand the differences between behavioral health conditions. It is increasingly difficult when there are overlapping symptoms between conditions. This is why SUN Behavioral Health in Columbus, Ohio, recently published an article titled “OCD VS. ADHD.” These two conditions share many similarities, but the SUN team provides quality education to help individuals distinguish between the two.

OCD and ADHD both stem from unusual activity in the frontal lobe. ADHD is thought to be caused by under activity in the brain, and OCD is believed to be caused by overactivity in the brain. These two conditions share similar symptoms, such as difficulty making decisions, remembering things, focusing, multitasking, and functioning in social/work situations.

Despite the similarities, ADHD and OCD are fundamentally different conditions. The SUN article explains, “ADHD is considered an externalized condition while OCD is internalized. What this means is that ADHD affects the way that people under stress interact with their environment. Conversely, people with OCD are more prone to internalizing their stressors into compulsions and repetitive thoughts.”

It can be challenging to tell the difference between ADHD and OCD, but experienced practitioners can differentiate between the two conditions by looking for significant tells. People with ADHD often have issues with focus at school or work, depression, and anxiety. Those with OCD often struggle to control thoughts and behaviors, and they experience significant disruption from obsessions and compulsions.

Getting the correct diagnosis is vital for obtaining the proper treatment. According to SUN, “Misdiagnosing one of these conditions can lead to months of ill-suited therapies, unsuccessful treatments, ill-prescribed medications, and even the worsening of symptoms.”

Those needing an accurate diagnosis and treatment of a behavioral health condition can find these services at SUN Columbus. Their team can diagnose and treat ADHD, OCD, and other behavioral health conditions properly.

About SUN Behavioral Health Columbus, Ohio: SUN Behavioral Health offers quality treatment for substance use disorders and behavioral health conditions. They utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management to help people cope with their conditions and find mental wellness.


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