Stratton Digital's Software Suite SAAS LOCAL Is Everything That Small Business Owners Need To Crush Sales

London, England -

UK-based specialist SEO agency Stratton Digital has announced the launch of its latest product SAAS LOCAL, a new software platform that lets small businesses streamline their sales process. SAAS LOCAL helps automate the sales process, helps increase Google reviews, and brings all methods of communication into one unified channel.

Phil Roskams, CEO of Stratton Digital, talks about the company’s vision for SAAS LOCAL by saying, “I started this SEO agency in 2017 to deliver SEO campaigns that are driven by quantifiable metrics such as page views, bounce rate, impressions, click-through rate, keywords rankings, and many more. I believe that the only reasonable way to measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign is to examine whether it offers an improvement in your key metrics and delivers a significant return on investment. The development of SAAS LOCAL was guided by the same philosophy. We considered the best strategies that we generally recommend to our clients to get them more customers, increase their reputation scores online, and generate more revenue. Then we neatly bundled all of the tools that you need to implement these strategies into one easy-to-use and multifaceted software suite. With SAAS LOCAL, you are only paying for the products and services that are directly going to affect your business’s bottom line. We have cut off all the fluff that is not guaranteed to increase sales. SAAS LOCAL places the power to transform your business squarely within your grasp. Sign up today for the waitlist and be the first in line to reap its benefits.”


On its website, Stratton Digital says that subscribing to SAAS LOCAL is like “having your own highly trained sales team.” Looking at the services included within SAAS LOCAL, it becomes apparent that Stratton Digital has delivered on this promise. First, the SAAS LOCAL software suite includes the Unified Inbox which gives small business owners a convenient way to manage all of their communications over multiple channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, and SMS, through one single interface. This is a huge boon to productivity as it allows even a small team to easily manage their interactions with all of a business’s customers. It also gives owners a condensed overview of what their customers are saying about the business.

Next, SAAS LOCAL also includes a few enhancements that integrate with the business’s existing website. This includes a chat widget and Live Forms. The chat widget instantly converts the customer’s messages into an SMS conversation. The Live Forms give website visitors an easy way to make inquiries with the company or to raise concerns about its services directly on its portal. Moreover, all the communication from the Live Forms goes directly to SAAS LOCAL’s unified inbox.

Stratton Digital has also included a review system in SAAS LOCAL that allows a business to give its customers convenient links to directly post their reviews to its online profiles such as its Google My Business listing. This added layer of convenience makes it more likely that customers will leave reviews, giving the company a boost in review count and positive 5-star scores. Since 75% of customers check reviews before buying, this is an indispensable feature that will help small business owners build a formidable online reputation.

Finally, Stratton Digital realizes that business owners will need some time to master the bevy of useful features offered by SAAS LOCAL. To make the transition easy, the company offers clients a Done-For-You setup, a 30-minute onboarding call with complete training on how to maximize the usefulness of the software suite, and ongoing support and training. SAAS Local has also been designed to be multiplatform and can be used on any device of choice including phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Business owners can head over to the SAAS Local website at to get further details about the product’s features that will be available at launch. Stratton Digital is also urging interested users to sign up for the waitlist so that they can get instantly notified when SAAS LOCAL is available.


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