Spray Foam Insulation Contractor in Boise Idaho Discusses the Many Benefits of This Proven Insulating Material

Boise, Idaho’s iFoam Insulation has been helping home and business owners save money on their utility bills for many years now. The company does this by giving its customers a wide variety of insulation types and other comfort control services to choose from. This has helped them become Boise’s go-to spray foam insulation contractor.

For those that are not familiar with why so many choose spray foam insulation on new builds or get a residential attic retrofit, a company representative wanted to talk about the many benefits this form of insulation offers. The company representative says, “For many in Boise, traditional fiberglass batt insulation is the only energy shield that has been protecting attics and other parts of their home or business. This is an insulation material that is quickly becoming a thing of the past since spray foam insulation was introduced. Once someone learns about all the benefits that spray foam insulation offers, they often do whatever it takes to get this reputable insulating material in their new or existing home or commercial property.”

iFoam’s representative says of course the number one reason people choose spray foam insulation is because it has a higher R-value than traditional batt insulation. That makes it a better insulator than just about any other material. So, there are some very good energy and money savings to be had because of that. He went on to say that’s not the only reason that spray foam insulation makes a very good choice. Since it's sprayed on surfaces in a liquid form that slightly hardens after a few hours, it tends to fill all the cracks, nooks, and crannies in an attic or other space so that no air gaps remain. This leads to such things as a drastic decrease in the amount of dust, pollen, and other allergens that typically get into a home or commercial property through these areas. The iFoam Insulation representative also mentioned that having no open gaps in attic and other spaces also cuts down on the ability of bugs, insects, and small rodents to get into a home or business. People who install spray foam insulation also benefit from the noise reduction capability that it offers. He stated that many home and business owners that inquire about spray foam insulation installation are also surprised to learn that this product will add to the structural integrity of the spaces it's applied in. Fewer air gaps also mean less moisture, so this inhibits problematic and destructive mold and mildew growth. The company representative added that homes that have spray foam insulation in important areas are even more attractive to prospective buyers when those homes are placed on the market.

The company representative went on to say that they are always happy to talk with a prospective client who is interested in getting spray foam insulation for a residential attic retrofit or new business or residential construction. He reminded that they also are very proficient when it comes to removing existing fiberglass batt or other types of insulation and they offer a wide variety of air sealing services too. iFoam Insulation of Boise is willing to take on all-size insulation projects and stands fully behind the work that it does. The company representative says that it's all part of their process since their owner is a longtime member of the Boise community.

Those who have used these Boise insulation experts’ services have left very positive reviews about that experience. Todd Roberts stated, “Steve and his crew did an excellent job on our home insulation! Professional, on time, and it looks great! Highly recommend them!” Logan Berger said, “I used iFoam for my property and saw my electricity bill decrease about 40%. Would highly recommend anyone to use them. Very professional and nice people. Got the job done promptly and left no messes!” Home and business owners that would like more information on the services that this spray foam insulation contractor in Boise Idaho offers can get in touch with them by phone, email, and website contact form.


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