Social Media Marketing & SEO Available For CBD Businesses

Tempe, Arizona -

Tempe, AZ based Lucid Leverage LLC is offering their team’s comprehensive expertise with SEO for CBD and medical marijuana businesses. The company is accustomed to working with businesses at various stages of growth, from start-ups to established organizations with a national presence and so on, and they are eager to provide their unique expertise to this burgeoning industry.

“CBD and medical marijuana is exploding in the US,” notes Chris Quintela of Lucid Leverage, “but this does not mean that your products are going to sell themselves. Since many businesses are relatively new arrivals in this industry, it then follows that customers have much to learn about their offerings, and many products still have some way to go before they are household names. Furthermore, certain products may even have a negative reputation among people who might otherwise be your target audience. Fortunately, we know how to improve your image online and beyond, and we can get customers interested in your products as well as your brand as a whole.”

SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the practice of fine-tuning a business’ online presence to ensure it ranks better on search results pages. In most cases, SEO is utilized on the Google search engine (since the vast majority of searches are run here), and Lucid often focuses here as well. The agency explains that Google is more likely to show preference for a business’ website if it abides by a certain set of rules.

These rules, enforced by the search engine’s algorithm, are not published by Google, but SEO experts are able to study it in order and use scientific methodologies to uncover such secrets. The reason why this is so crucial is the fact that a business can utilize SEO to organically drive traffic to their website. It takes a relatively minor investment, especially compared to traditional ad campaigns, but it can have a sizable, measurable impact on sales and engagement.

Lucid Leverage points out that this is especially important for CBD and MMJ businesses. The biggest platforms, namely Google, Facebook and YouTube, are notorious for their refusal to allow pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to be run in this industry, vastly cutting their reach if they only had traditional advertisements to rely on. However, there is nothing stopping them from using SEO to their advantage — and this is an area in which Lucid Leverage excels.

Quintela says, “Lucid Leverage will make every effort to get your website to the top of organic search results, and our team will continuously post engaging content to your social media platforms. This consists of text, image and video posts, tuned specifically to your brand and what your audience is looking for. We’ve spent years uncovering the keywords that bring traffic to clients in other industries, and we now look forward to placing that same expertise at your disposal.” He also acknowledges that some businesses may have already attempted to reach out to other SEO providers, only to be turned away due to the nature of their business. This is not an issue with Lucid Leverage; the team is more than pleased to work with CBD and MMJ clients. Lucid Leverage provides SEO for CBD websites and SEO for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles, California and across the USA.

Lucid Leverage is also aware that there are many factors that are unique to this industry, such as the legal framework it has to operate under. The agency asserts that clients will not have to concern themselves with the phrasing of social media posts and so on because the team is already familiar with the restrictions they have to accommodate. Once Lucid Leverage is on the job, a client can simply focus on their business while the agency handles their online presence.

Lucid Leverage is an SEO reseller and expert that works with businesses on both a local and national scale. They welcome any inquiries on the subject, and they recommend that businesses get in touch with Chris Quintela for a more thorough breakdown of the agency’s services. Lucid Leverage LLC can also be found on several social media platforms.


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