Shults Tree Service Brings 5-Star Service To Louisville Residents

Louisville, Kentucky -

Louisville, KY based Shults Tree Service is pleased to share that their team is available for a wide range of tree care-related jobs. Having served the region’s residents and businesses for several decades, the company always looks forward to working with clients to keep their trees in top condition.

When selecting a tree service provider, it is always recommended that clients choose a company that is accustomed to working in the area. The average person may not be able to identify a tree species on sight, but a professional can, and this in turn may inform the decisions they take regarding a tree’s care or even removal. Similarly, there are tiers of knowledge and experience among professionals, and the best of these are individuals who work with local trees and understand what the community needs. In Kentucky, that is Shults Tree Service.

Shults Tree Service Reviews

The company provides removals, pruning, stump grinding, land clearing and more, and property owners may call upon the team for help obtaining firewood. They are also ready and willing to assist with rectifying storm damage or performing land clearing where necessary. As a fourth generation family owned-and-operated business, Shults Tree Service has built a wealth of experience working in the region, and this knowledge base only grows with each passing year. This may be why the company has such a sterling reputation in the area as well.

Clients may be interested in checking out a recent five-star review of Shults Tree Service which serves to illustrate why the company is considered a trusted name in the community. Shared by R. Lewis, the review says, “We hired Louisville Tree Service Experts to cut several really tall trees, and they performed an excellent job. They were swift, thorough, and left such a clean trail behind them that you'd never know they were there but for the freshly cut trees. I wholeheartedly endorse their services. The price point was also excellent.”

Other reviews concur with these statements, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer service as well as offering additional perks that minimize any inconvenience for the property owner. For instance, the company is always careful to clean up after themselves, a factor that unfortunately cannot be taken for granted among tree service providers. However, Shults Tree Service harbors a deep respect for every property they work on regardless of the scale of the job in question, and this means they will take care not to cause damage or leave remnants of their work left about once they finish.

Shults Tree Service also understands responsibility. Those who have a similar love and respect for Kentucky’s natural resources may be pleased to learn that the company recycles virtually all of their tree waste. Wood chips, for instance, are turned into high quality mulch, and excess wood (such as those obtained during tree removals) is turned into firewood. In fact, the company is pleased to give wood away in certain situations. Those interested in learning more are welcome to call Shults Tree Service to ask where wood can be picked up, if available.

Property owners who exercise some care about who they allow onto their land will further appreciate the fact that the company is fully insured for the work they do. This information is freely available to all who ask. To support this, the company is pleased to share that their team exercises great care to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the vicinity of a job. The result of their efforts in this regard is clear: none on the team have ever suffered a major injury at work.

Shults Tree Service has long made it their mission to provide an excellent service without compromise, and this is still true despite their highly affordable rates — as many have already discovered. Further, their accompanying services make them highly convenient to work with. For instance, the company’s contact with insurers makes them an invaluable asset for those who need guidance when filing a claim following storm damage and other disasters.

Those who would like to work with one of Kentucky’s most capable tree service providers are welcome to get in touch with the team today. A free estimate can be requested online (via the company’s official website) or over the phone.


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