Shoppers Help Plant 6000 Trees With TreeClicks

TreeClicks, based in The Netherlands, is proud to share that they recently reached a new milestone, with 6,000 trees planted since the project began. The social impact company is committed to repopulating depleted areas to help preserve local ecosystems and the environment as a whole.

TreeClicks is a browser extension, available for free, that enables consumers to contribute some of their purchasing power to tree-planting efforts. The company has made installation and setup as easy as possible to make sure the system remains accessible to all, and this essentially means that consumers can direct some of the money generated off their shopping towards environmental conservation.

TreeClicks currently has more than 40,000 partners whose online storefronts can recognise the extension when a customer pays them a visit. The company receives a fee for helping to bring the customer to one of these stores, and they then use the majority of that fee to plant more trees. Given the impact global warming will have on the world in the near future, to say nothing of the more immediate consequences that are already making themselves apparent, these efforts are a significant part of the worldwide push to conserve the environment and limit effects of the climate crisis.

The means by which forests cool the Earth has been understood for quite some time, but persistent logging (and the resulting deforestation) has meant that the planet’s tree and vegetation cover has been severely decimated in recent decades. Most will be familiar with the fact that trees absorb and trap CO2, one of the most notorious gasses associated with warming the planet. As such, many have concluded that reducing deforestation — and planting trees to replace this loss — is a vital component of the fight against the catastrophic climate crisis.

Fortunately, organizations like TreeClicks are taking advantage of the current commercial system to direct funds into these efforts.

The list of brands that recognize the TreeClicks browser extensions include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay, Walmart and more. As such, a customer would be able to enjoy the same conveniences they are already accustomed to while shopping online, and a full list of the available stores can be found on TreeClicks’ website. The extension can be installed on a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari. It also has a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Alternatively, customers who would prefer not to use the extension can still make use of TreeClicks by opening stores via its connected shops page.

TreeClicks adds, “Many are learning today that the best way to reduce their climate impact is to shop less. When this is not possible, we encourage that you shop more carefully and sustainably. Focus on what you need, and work with brands that have demonstrated a commitment to minimizing their climate impact. By working with better brands, you can reduce your climate impact as well.”

The social enterprise understands that in an ideal world the best thing for the environment would be to shop as little stuff as possible. However, they also have handily partnered with suppliers of food, insurances and energy. Therewith, TreeClicks makes it possible to give back in these scenarios as well.

The TreeClicks extension and app can be installed online at any time, and the easiest way is to visit the organization’s website and click on the Download Now button at the top. TreeClicks may have just passed a milestone of 6,000 trees, but they have more than 2,000 still waiting to be planted, and even more will be expected as time goes on. A great way to help is to download the extension today.


For more information about TreeClicks, contact the company here:

+316 30 03 12 01
Overtoom 141
The Netherlands