Shadow Mountain Recovery Santa Fe Explains: How Does Alcoholism Affect Relationships

Shadow Mountain Recovery Santa Fe, which offers places of healing for addiction in Santa Fe, NM, has recently published a blog post that explains how alcoholism can affect relationships. A study from the University at Buffalo Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions indicates that approximately 25 percent of married couples have a husband who drinks at least once per month while the wife does not. Meanwhile, around 12 percent of married couples have a husband who drinks heavily, which is 15 or more drinks per week. The partner of the person with an addiction usually suffers most because it hurts emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even physically.

One significant problem with having a spouse struggling with alcohol use disorder is intimate partner violence. Various pieces of evidence show a connection between alcohol use and intimate partner violence. These include: the effect of alcohol use on physical and cognitive abilities, which results in the reduction of self-control; the belief that alcohol use can result in aggression may encourage violent behavior after drinking; and experiencing violence within a relationship may encourage the drinking of alcohol as a coping mechanism. In the US, 55 percent of the victims of intimate partner violence indicated that their partner was drinking before the physical assault. While there is some evidence of violence committed by women against men, it has been primarily reported that there is violence by men towards women.

Shadow Mountain Recovery Santa Fe offers alcohol abuse treatment. The services they provide include alcohol detox, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT,) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

It is important to note that detoxing from alcohol can be dangerous because the shock that emerges after stopping drinking comes with withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental confusion, and nightmares. That is why medical detox is provided as part of the treatment. During medical detox, they provide guidance and medication to clients to ease the symptoms. And they will also help address the mental and emotional stress during detox, providing support, especially during the hardest nights.

After alcohol detox, clients of Shadow Mountain Recovery Santa Fe go through therapy. First of all, there is DBT, where clients learn how to accept what they can’t change and change what they can’t accept. DBT allows people to learn four skills, which are: emotional regulation; distress tolerance; mindfulness; and interpersonal effectiveness.

Meanwhile, CBT is known as the gold standard of therapy, which is aimed at catching and modifying harmful and inaccurate thinking patterns. To change behavioral patterns, CBT employs several strategies: facing one’s fears instead of avoiding them; learning to relax one’s body and mind; using role play to prepare for interactions with other people. To change thinking patterns, CBT employs these strategies: using problem solving skills to cope with stressful experiences, developing self-confidence, having a better understanding of other people’s motivations, and learning to recognize twisted thinking patterns and reevaluating them in the light of reality. With CBT, participants are given homework or activities that are done outside the therapy session, as a way to address the specific needs of an individual.

Started in 2007, Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers is a modern and innovative healthcare organization offering a path towards recovery for people struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. They offer safe and effective treatment solutions for people who are struggling with addiction, substance abuse, and prescription pill dependency; with and without co-occurring mental health disorders. Interaction with clients and their families with a significant impact is at the core of everything that they do. Their team of clinical professionals are ready to assess clients' individual needs and to recommend proper treatment plans while facilitating program selection and effective decisions for aftercare.

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