Service Bureau Accelerator Seeks to Become the Biggest Provider of Assistance to Electronic Return Originators

Houston, Texas -

Service Bureau Accelerator, a company based in Houston, TX, has announce their initiative to become the biggest Service Bureau Provider by offering transparency and helping Electronic Return Originators (ERO) grow their business. EROs are authorized IRS e-file providers whose service is to originate the electronic submission of tax returns to the IRS. They act as the first point of contact for most taxpayers when filing a return using an IRS e-file. Service Bureau Accelerator promotes the growth of EROs within the tax industry by empowering them to increase their revenue, not just in their current business but also in hidden niches within the tax industry. Ross Farnsworth, Head Sales Coach for Service Bureau Accelerator, says, “We win when our clients win.” Those who want to know how Service Bureau Accelerator can help can check out their YouTube channel at

Service Bureau Accelerator aims to disrupt the tax service bureau industry by educating the industry regarding the huge fees that current service bureau companies are charging their users on the back end. The service bureau business model is one of the best kept secrets of the tax business. A service bureau offers tax software to tax professionals. Thus, those who are already in the tax industry or own a tax office can establish their own Service Bureau brand, creating one of the most profitable income streams in the industry.

But what they propose is not just for a tax company to offer tax software to tax professionals but to also provide their own Unique Selling Proposition that will differentiate them from the average software reseller in the industry. As a Service Bureau, they will get several benefits. First of all, they will get their own branded tax software. They will not just be able to market and sell this software as they please but they will also be able to establish their authority as a business and as a brand. Another important benefit is that they will be able to increase their revenue during the off-season. The income from all of the tax professionals they provide the tax software to will serve as an addditional revenue stream, which is much needed during the off-season.

They want to stress that the tax business is a recession-resistant industry. And their offering will further protect the downside of a tax originator through diversification and the creation of several income streams from owning a service bureau. The more streams of income the Service Bureau Accelerator’s clients can build now before the full effect of the economic downturn is felt, the more resilient their businesses will be.

To this end, they consistently making improvements to the Service Bureau Accelerator program to ensure that it is able to stay ahead of any industry changes and help their customers overcome the impact of those shifts.

The Service Bureau Accelerator program is a software that has truly been revolutionary in the tax Industry. It was specifically designed to provide assistance to tax professionals in starting, managing, and growing their tax service bureau. This business model has long been kept a secret from most of the tax professionals but the company has broken the standard by sharing this opportunity to any tax professional interested in boosting their revenue and also develop a complimentary business during off-season. This program will help get a service bureau started with a custom branded software that offers a company’s branding needs and all of the training required for them to operate.

Baldeep Chawla, founder of the Service Bureau Accelerator, says, “It’s not just tax software, we have a lot of sales and business development training, and we have seen people elevate their business by upwards of 6 figures in one year just by implementing our systems.”

Those who are interested in learning how the software can help their tax service company can check out the Service Bureau Accelerator website at or contact them on the phone or through email.


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