San Marcos Tree Service Experts Recognize Two Donors for Their Significant Contribution to Community Forest Restoration

San Marcos, California – A company well known for its efforts to restore forests in San Marcos and its suburbs, San Marcos Tree Service Experts, appreciated two individuals earlier today for their unending support to make sure forest restoration is successful.

"Today marks exactly six months since San Marcos Tree Service Experts started restoring forests in San Marcos and its suburbs," said the CEO.

"At first,” added the CEO, “the journey was tough as the company didn’t have enough funds to cater for everything that was needed to continue with the project. As time went by, Mary and Charles, two donors, noted the company’s efforts and decided to help in different ways to make it easier for the company. San Marcos Tree Service Experts is so grateful because were it not for the two donors, over 300,000 trees wouldn’t be existing now.”

The CEO revealed what Mary and Charles had contributed to the forest restoration project.

"To begin with Mary," said the CEO, "this lady’s love for environmental conservation could be told from her huge contribution to the project. Mary physically bought 220,000 trees to plant in the local parks and public spaces. She then paid for the planting procedure, which was done by the San Marcos Tree Service Experts planting team. Did it end there? No, she promised to fund all the procedures required by the trees until they mature.”

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"On the other hand," said the CEO, "Charles looked more like a God-sent man to save people from bad environments. Charles paid for 185, 000 trees to be planted and also promised to pay for all the other procedures required after planting. What more? Charles allowed San Marcos Tree Service Experts' research team to work in his research laboratory for free when the company came across strange diseases in the forests."

The CEO noted that, in honor of the two individuals, San Marcos Tree Service Experts will add another 50,000 trees. He added that the two will be receiving free services from the company while the other homeowners enjoy affordable services beginning tomorrow.

"The two helped San Marcos Tree Service Experts surpass its goal of planting 200,000 trees in six months," said the CEO. "The company was planning to stop it at that, but now to honor the two individuals who seem to have a common goal with the company of transforming the environment for the better, the company has added six more months to plant 50,000 more trees in local parks and public spaces."

"San Marcos Tree Service Experts team has also agreed to offer free tree care services to the two individuals," added the CEO. "Although that can’t be matched with what they've done, the company hopes that they will at least feel appreciated."

"Also," continued the CEO, "in honor of the two individuals, San Marcos Tree Service Experts has agreed to reduce its service charges to make them affordable to everyone. At least that way, even homeowners will be able to improve their immediate environment."

Finally, the CEO urged homeowners in San Marcos and its surrounding areas to schedule appointments with San Marcos Tree Service Experts.

"With the low pricing," said the CEO, "San Marcos Tree Service Experts now expects to help thousands of homeowners improve their trees. They, therefore, should contact the company immediately for exceptional tree care services.

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