Roots To Table Discusses How To Present Small Charcuterie Boards

Roots To Table, a lifestyle company based in Cedar Creek, Texas, has found an article they believe can show their community how to present a simple and small charcuterie board, perfect for relaxed gatherings. The company would like to recommend their bamboo cheese board and knife set for this purpose as well, which they believe is a great fit for a small charcuterie board for two or in a modest gathering.

To quote the article in question, published on Kitchen Seer, “Charcuterie boards are trending. If you haven't built one yet, it's time to have a party and invite over your loved ones, but tell them to come hungry. Don't worry if you don't know much about charcuterie boards. We have the answers. Keep reading to find out more. With charcuterie boards, the only limits are your budget, your imagination, and your available space. Your charcuterie board's size will be determined by the number of guests you expect, the variety of food you want to include, and the space you have for display.” However, one does need to consider the size of the guest list and their food preferences. This will determine the size of the board. If space is limited, one may need to build multiple boards rather than just one. Also, keep in mind, more is not always better. It is important to have a good variety, but too many choices can become overwhelming for guests.

If the board is one of the primary dishes for the occasion, the article says that one should budget for 5 oz of meat per participant on the average. However, 2 ounces of meat per person is adequate if the board serves as an appetizer before a larger dinner. The same general principle applies to cheeses. After the meat has been placed, it should be surrounded with complimentary cheeses, relishes and sauces. Although there are countless options, traditional charcuterie boards consisted of cured meats, hard and soft cheeses, bread and oil flavored with herbs. Crackers, jams, pickles, crackers, nuts, fruits and vegetables are all included on more inclusive modern boards. Charcuterie enthusiasts should make sure to take into account the guest list and any of their respective dietary needs.

Even more boards might be utilized if a bigger event is planned. The main charcuterie board, for instance, would be laden with meats, cheeses, bread and relishes. Then, the host might think about having two separate dipping platters, one with fruits and one with vegetables. Each board is set out with a variety of dips to go with it. Finally, a variety of cheeses can be added to each board. Another excellent choice is a dessert platter filled with a selection of delicious sweets. Items like candy, chocolate chips, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, brownies and graham crackers could be arranged on the board.

The cheese and charcuterie boards made of bamboo are among the items sold by Roots To Table. They come in three different styles: the Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set (5 pc), which is 13.3" by 13.3", the Premium Charcuterie Board Set (21 pc), which measures 14.5" by 13", and the Ultimate Charcuterie Platter Gift Set (26 pc), which measures 14.5" by 13" and 13.3" by 13.3". The platters provided by Roots To Table are ideal for entertaining, whether one is planning a board for two or for a large crowd. For a smaller event, the Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set is great. The Premium Charcuterie Board is similar to the Cheese Board plus Knife Set in that it is also made of 100% natural bamboo, but it is extra-large and includes more accessories in addition to the four cheese knives, such as two bowls, six appetizer forks, six bonus slate cheese labels and two hidden serving drawers. This is a great option if one is making a platter for a larger crowd. The Ultimate Charcuterie Platter Gift Set is a combination of the Cheese Board and Knife Set and Premium Charcuterie Board and would be ideal if one wants to have several boards with different combinations of food.

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