Roofing Contractor Now Serving Huber Heights Ohio

OH based Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton is pleased to share that their team is serving the community of Huber Heights. Any service a homeowner has known the company to render elsewhere is available here as well, and the team adds that certain services may also be tailored to local needs.

The contractor has an excellent reputation for problem-solving on the job, making them invaluable for customers who want to deal with as little stress as possible when they need to have a roof undergo maintenance, repairs or be replaced entirely. Having been in the industry for quite some time, the team is accustomed to dealing with a wide variety of unexpected obstacles, and they like to arrive onsite completely prepared to address such issues with minimal fuss. This has the effect of ensuring the customer needs to be consulted less often for trivial matters.

The company adds, “We aim to be fully transparent with you at every stage of a job. When you call us to help you out, help is exactly what you will get. Our team is committed to you and your roof, and this has led us to implement several policies and accompanying services to ensure your experience is worthy of the Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton standard.”

One of these policies will be apparent to customers relatively early on in the process. The contractor makes it a point to carry out a comprehensive inspection of a property’s roof before any actual work gets started, and this allows them to uncover all of its issues and needs before the customer has to make a financial commitment of any kind. Further, the company believes in maintaining transparency at all times, so the customer can expect not to have to deal with surprise expenses down the line. Mighty Dog Roofing will always offer their recommendations, but the final decision is always the customer’s to make.

This is supported by the company’s use of modern techniques and technology during inspections. Mighty Dog Roofing’s process generates a non-biased, accurate and comprehensive report of a roof’s condition, and the quality of this report is so widely regarded that many insurers have come to trust the company’s input. This is particularly useful when a claim has to be put in. Homeowners who wish to sell their homes at some point will also appreciate the fact that the company’s reporting is similarly trusted by realtors who wish to confirm the health of a roof prior to a sale, especially since the report even goes so far as to include other details that may be pertinent later on (such as weather data).

This data is preserved in the company’s Customer Vault as well. At any point in the future, should it be needed again, a customer may request their data from the company. This secure vault contains virtually every piece of information the company has on the customer’s property, including all reports, pictures, products incorporated into various projects, maintenance records and so on. This information can be used to ensure that future upgrades or changes to a roof are implemented without issue, though customers will also find it useful when selling the property and so on.

As a roofing contractor serving Huber Heigths Ohio, Mighty Dog Roofing has worked with numerous customers who have been thoroughly satisfied with their work. Amanda L. says in a review, “I just want to thank Mighty Dog Roofing as they had to work with our insurance company for months to get our roof approved. We really appreciate you guys going above and beyond for us. The roof looks amazing. I could not be more happy with the job that was done. Will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you again to Tony and his crew at Mighty Dog Roofing.”

Jackie J. similarly says that the company provider, “Great customer service, no complaints. We received a completely new roof. The crew was fast, experienced and friendly. The cleanup was excellent. Joel was the best; he explained everything and was always available for communication. We recommend Mighty Dog Roofing. They did a very good job.”

Mighty Dog Roofing is currently open to requests for consultations, inspections and so on regarding any roof in the Huber Heights area and beyond. The company invites customers to get in touch via phone, email or even the official Mighty Dog Roofing website.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton
26098 Executive Blvd, Huber Heights, OH 45424