Rehab Center Details Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Taos, N.M.Shadow Mountain Taos Recovery Center, an addiction treatment center located in Taos, N.M., recently published an article outlining signs of cocaine addiction to look for. The article was released with the goal of educating New Mexicans on the signs and symptoms of cocaine use and addiction in order to save lives in the Land of Enchantment.

Cocaine use is common in the U.S. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2018, 2 million people ages 18 to 25 and 3.5 million people age 26 or older reported using cocaine. The article noted that teenagers in New Mexico are 37.04% more likely to have used drugs in the past month than other teenagers, and over 17% of people in high school reported lifetime cocaine use.

Shadow Mountain Taos - Rehab Center Details Signs of Cocaine Addiction

One of the most common signs of cocaine addiction is a noticeable financial struggle. According to a spokesperson at Shadow Mountain Taos, “Cocaine addiction costs a fortune, mentally and financially. Financial troubles typically plague many who are addicted to cocaine due to how expensive it can be. Sometimes the financial burden is too much to bear, and those addicted to cocaine resort to crimes. From theft to committing fraud, sometimes these acts are done while someone is under the influence of cocaine, but these acts are primarily done to pay for more cocaine.”

Beyond the economic and social impact on the person using cocaine, there are clear and obvious signs of cocaine use, both physical and mental. According to Shadow Mountain Taos, other signs to look for are weight loss, mood swings, consistent nausea, nose issues (i.e., sniffles, bloody nose), and coughing.

Shadow Mountain Recovery is a community of addiction treatment facilities throughout New Mexico specializing in detox and evidence-based treatment. The recovery center in Taos offers medically assisted detox along with a short-term residential rehabilitation program. Their treatment programs have an underlying emphasis on holistic approaches.

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