Quality Healthcare Services DC Expands Its Online Mental Wellness Services for Youth and Families

Quality Healthcare Services, a mental and behavioral health services provider in Washington, D.C., has announced an expansion of its online mental health services that are scheduled to go live in 2023. The company is encouraging educators and parents to follow its website to be the first to find out when the services eventually launch.

In March 2022, the World Health Organization reported that, beyond the loss of millions of lives, the devastating COVID-19 pandemic also had other less visible far-reaching effects. The WHO found that in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by 25% with young people and women being disproportionately hit.

The spokesperson for Quality Healthcare Services, Daniel Wasira talks about the D.C. mental health services provider’s observations by saying, “The COVID-19 pandemic severely challenged our nation’s aspirations to bring people closer together and to assuage the dividing lines that are being drawn online and in real life between people of different socioeconomic standings and cultures. During those trying times, mental health support for young people, which came notably in the form of schools, was disrupted during the remote learning periods. Closures of educational institutions at all levels contributed to the weakening of protective factors, including daily routine and social interactions that help maintain good mental health. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly affected by school disruptions.”

Daniel continues to talk about the current plight of D.C.’s disadvantaged youth by saying, “Urban youth often face unique mental health needs that require specialized resources. They need access to physical and mental health services, such as therapy by licensed social workers, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Creating safe spaces for conversation and self-expression is also essential for promoting mental well-being among this group. Rethinking service delivery structures and designing fresh ways to facilitate meaningful connections within the virtual and in-person spaces are vital.”

Daniel then details Quality Healthcare Services’ planned 2023 efforts to reverse these troubling trends by saying, “We have always been on the front lines of the battle against declining mental health among urban youth. We feel that there is a need to adapt support structures to meet the needs of those out there who are truly struggling. Technology, especially telehealth services, is the key to this re-imagination. Given young people’s adaptability to online platforms, the incorporation of teleservices such as mental health hotlines and telemedicine have been critical to maintaining the continuity of services to augment in-person care. So, Quality Healthcare Services DC has invested in remote care platforms to augment our in-person services. Our new website presence is the first phase of building out our planned online services. This allows for the full complement of stakeholders including family members to be engaged in the mental wellness of the youth.”

Quality Healthcare Services is certified by the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) to provide Mental Health Rehabilitation Services to youth and adolescents in the District of Columbia as a Core Service Agency (CSA). The company’s distinction as a CSA means that it meets general certification standards as specified by DC Municipal Regulations. CSAs are required to serve as the clinical home for the consumers it enrolls, employ clinical managers, be responsible for ensuring that IRPs/IPCs are developed and approved for enrolled consumers, and provide clinical management for them. The regulations also impose requirements for staffing, standards of clinical operation, and service accessibility.

Quality Healthcare Services’ core mental health services for youth and families in DC include therapy and family counseling, substance abuse treatment, domestic abuse support, behavioral health, mental health programs for school children, early childhood mental health, mental health programs for teenagers and adolescents, trauma and PTSD management, maternal mental health programs, and community support.

Readers in Washington, D.C., can get in touch with the staff at Quality Healthcare Services at (202) 516-5737 or write to it at info@qualityhealthcaredc.com. It accepts all major insurances including HCSN, AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Beacon Health Options, Medicaid, and more.


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