Promeza MG Announces Miel San Marcos and Pastors Partnership Program For Their “EVANGELIO” Concert At The Arena

Santa Clarita, California -

Santa Clarita, California. announces a large pastors and leaders meeting to create awareness for the Miel San Marcos and Pastors Partnership Program. This meeting is to be held at IREST church in Reseda California on Thursday April 21.

In partnership with Promeza Marketing Group, Miel San Marcos has created this program which will allow churches to participate in the success of the first ever Spanish Christian concert to be held at the newly named Arena in downtown Los Angeles.

Promeza y Miel San Marcos

Apart from hosting such renown teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the L.A. Kings, this venue has hosted concerts of all genres in many languages. Formerly the Staples Center, this venue once hosted its first Spanish Christian concert with award winning artist, Marcos Witt. The Witt concert was produced by Sony and promoted by Promeza M.G.

Now Promeza M.G. returns to this same venue to promote the first Spanish Christian Concert under the new name, Arena with musical group, Miel San Marcos. The pastors and leaders meeting which will be held at IREST church, will be hosted by Promeza Mg and Miel San Marcos (MSM). MSM will present the vision for their July concert at this meeting. Opportunity to partner with them will be detailed by MSM themselves.

“This is a large and historic undertaking,” stated Betty Meza, director of operations at Promeza M.G. “In one hand people are tired of being locked down without enjoying and supporting events and causes that speak to their heart. On the other hand, people are still weary and reeling from the losses they suffered at the hand of the Covid-19 Virus. They may not be ready to attend such an expected massive gathering. We believe however, that those that are ready, will fill the stadium and come out with renewed strength and faith. These are the things we need for such a time as this.”

More information on this subject can be found at which also hosts a podcast with information on the pastors and leaders meeting. Pastors and leaders can sign up to attend the meeting by visiting this site. is committed to supporting the Hispanic Christian faith-based community by being a bridge between the faith-based community and companies whose projects may benefit this community.


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