Personality Disorder, OCD Treatment & More Provided At Albuquerque, NM Clinic

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Albuquerque, NM based Icarus Behavioral Health is taking measures to support their community’s mental health needs. In particular, the clinic wishes to inform those suffering from mental disorders that they are not alone, and the team at Icarus Behavioral Health is standing by to offer treatment, guidance and support.

According to the clinic, they regularly work with clients suffering from borderline personality disorder, antisocial and avoidant personality disorders, Narcissistic personality disorders and more. They have had experience and success at treating clients with all forms of these frequently diagnosed conditions and offer a top treatment option for mental health. Those looking for personality disorder treatment in New Mexico, for instance, can find exactly what they need at Icarus Behavioral Health.

Finding OCD treatment in Albuquerque NM has never been easier with Icarus Behavioral Health providing a top option for the state and Southwest region

The mental health clinic says that an individual’s personality can develop over time, influenced by their environment, specific experiences and even inherited traits. In most cases, this development will take place over a long period, so a personality will largely remain the same for the most part. However, should the individual in question begin to display signs and behaviors that are not compatible with their personality, this can in turn cause distress and make it difficult for them to lead a normal life. Icarus Behavioral Health says the diagnosis here is usually a personality disorder.

This is far from the only type of disorder the clinic helps their community with, however. Those who have OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, can approach Icarus Behavioral Health for guidance. People with OCD tend to have an exaggerated focus on certain tasks, such as keeping their environment ordered or clean, often to the detriment of other experiences. The clinic clarifies that it is not uncommon for people to want to keep their environment clean or organize every item in the vicinity, and this can often make their lives easier as these habits actually complement most lifestyles, particularly those with busy schedules. The issue arises when these habits overtake every other aspect of a person’s life, making it more difficult for them to be comfortable in most situations, damaging their relationships and more.

Icarus says this disorder is quite complex, presenting in multiple forms with numerous driving factors. It is known to be chronic and long-lasting, with individuals suffering from OCD experiencing recurring thoughts (known as obsessions) and behaviors (known as compulsions) that they feel obliged to repeat ceaselessly. Given how complex OCD is, and the fact that the wide range of driving factors, signs and symptoms may range in severity, it is always best to consult a mental health professional.

The staff at Icarus specialize in OCD treatment, and clients in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and throughout the Southwest are welcome at their facility. Their evidence-based approaches and consideration of any trauma history set them in a class of their own, especially in a state with spare resources in these regards. Learn more here: OCD treatment Albuquerque NM.

Icarus Behavioral Health also tracks trends in their community as this helps them identify potential problems and start developing treatment plans if the need arises. One such trend the team has noticed in recent years is a rise in users substituting drugs in their vaping devices, a problem that extends beyond the dangers of purchasing black market marijuana vapes. An increase in other forms of drug vaping, the clinic says, poses a public health danger and should be more widely known.

The clinic says gateway drugs are defined as habit-forming, and vaping devices qualify since users who start vaping can go on to develop other dangerous habits as a result. This is especially concerning given that most parents believe that vaping is harmless. While the addictive nature of nicotine alone should not be underestimated, there is little to discourage users from attempting to vape substances other than nicotine. It is not much of a leap for them to begin vaping drugs.

As always, the team at Icarus Behavioral Health encourages any interested parties to reach out by phone to their Admissions department for more information. By reaching out, they can have any preliminary concerns answered by the clinic’s experienced team, and followup consultations with one of Icarus’ mental health experts can help concerned parties identify whether they or a loved one needs help.


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