Pathfinders Recovery Center Answers the Question, “I Drink Every Night. Am I an Alcoholic?”

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Pathfinders Recovery Center, which is based in Scottsdale, AZ, has announced an addition to their continuing “alcohol use disorder awareness” series to provide important information regarding drinking as a problem. This latest article answers the question, “I drink every night am I an alcoholic?” The article points out that those who drink every night doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is alcoholism. However, it is important to evaluate their condition. One way to assess their condition is to compare their condition with the stages of alcoholism.

It is important to note that although some people are able to enjoy a drink each evening without further difficulty, others are not able to stop drinking once begun, or have pushed aside other areas of their lives to focus on daily and nightly drinking. The Pathfinders team want to highlight answers provided on when alcohol treatment is indicated for daily drinkers, as well as the danger in attempting to detox from alcohol at home.

A picture of a passed out man begs the question, I drink every night am I an alcoholic, with treatment and medically supervised alcohol detox available at Pathfinders Recovery Centers

It is also essential to know the symptoms of alcohol use disorder in order to be aware if a person’s condition is leaning towards alcoholism. These include: increasingly negative consequences from their drinking; drinking to a point where they don’t remember the event of the night or days before; attempting to lie or cover up the actual quantity of alcohol consumed; feeling of having a constant need for a drink; hiding their drinking; drinking more than previously intended; using drinking as a way to relieve stress; considering drinking as more important than family events; and verbalizing a desire to stop drinking but not doing anything to achieve that.

Meanwhile, for those who are suffering from an alcohol use disorder, the importance of a medically supervised alcohol detox is vital for the public to know, since very severe side effects and even death can occur for those who simply stop drinking, not aware that the withdrawal symptoms can be so severe and can even be fatal

It is important to note that alcohol detox symptoms can be both physical and psychological. Some of the most common alcohol detox symptoms include vomiting, headache, nausea, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Thus, alcohol detox is actually difficult but with the proper help, it’s possible to achieve sobriety without having to suffer from any withdrawal symptoms. Many alcohol detox facilities are actually providing safe treatments, which people should consider before deciding on the next steps to take. Alcohol detox is the procedure for getting rid of alcohol from the body of the patient.

The Pathfinders clinicians also want to stress that the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol use disorder are dealt with in comfortable and professional manner at their facilities. They are committed to making the process of controlled detox as pleasant as possible, with subsequent treatment performed by some of the most reputable staff in the industry. Those who are struggling with alcoholism or have a loved one who does are encouraged not to hesitate to reach out to Pathfinders Recovery Center.

Founded in 2017, Pathfinders Recovery Center takes advantage of the more than 25 years of combined experience of its partners and leaders to provide treatment for different types of addiction and co-occurring disorders in order to guide those who have an addiction to gradually recover. They offer alcohol and drug rehabilitation services at their advanced facilities for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Arizona and Colorado. They have also established a program that teaches hard work, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and leadership to their clients. The primary mission of the program is for clients to finally get achieve a sober life. They offer people suffering from an addiction different kinds of tools that they need to have a solid foundation to finally achieve a clean, sober, and successful life.

Those who are interested in learning more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms and other conditions related to the treatment of alcohol use disorder can visit the Pathfinders Recovery Center website, or contact them through the telephone.


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