Pacific Northwest Angling Guides Discuss Several Fall Chinook Fishing Opportunities

The Clarkston, WA-based fishing guides at Reel Time Fishing have made a name for themselves by being able to place their clients over fish no matter how difficult the conditions are during a particular trip. For this reason they have become one of the most popular Pacific Northwest fishing guide options. They know the areas they fish very well and that allows them to find the spots where the various game fish they go after will be under all different types of weather and water conditions. Among the large game fish that their clients like to go after are chinook salmon, they are large fish that provide a thrilling experience when trying to land them with lighter poles and tackle.

Head fishing guide, Toby Wyatt, wanted to remind anglers that are interested in catching chinook that the season for them is underway now in certain areas that are popular to fish and will soon be open in other nearby areas too. Some of the fall chinook fishing opportunities that are available now include one of their favorite spots the lower Columbia River Chinook fishery. The season there is currently in full swing, and they have been experiencing great success fishing in that area. Run counts there are looking good and provide great opportunities at the upper river fisheries. He added that they have boats available at the mouth of the Deschutes River, Hanford Reach, Clearwater River, and Snake River.

The Deschutes River is available from the end of August into mid-September. Fishing The Dalles, Rufus, and Biggs Oregon, have trips that are booked under ‘John Day Dam Fall Chinook’ on their website. It was also pointed out that Hanford Reach Salmon Fishing is available from Sept 7th through October. For those that book Hanford Reach Fall Chinook trips, they make way from the Ringold Springs Boat Launch which is approximately a 40 minute-drive from Pasco, WA.

Wyatt also talked about how the Clearwater & Snake Rivers will kick off with good Chinook fishing around mid-September. A popular spot for those that book fishing trips with them because it offers opportunities to take Steelhead, Chinook, and Coho there. It was also brought up by the head fishing guide that they are looking to fill up some partially booked boats in Hanford September 10 & 11, Clearwater October 3rd, and in the River October Oct 5 & 6. He added that as with all their different types of guided fishing excursions they provide almost everything that is needed including bait and rod & reel setups and each one is suitable for novice through experienced fisherman.

The head guide also wanted those that may be interested in booking a steelhead fishing excursion with them to note there have been some changes for catching these highly sought-after game fish in the Clearwater River. This includes starting in the Fall of 2022 the steelhead harvest open season will be September 10th to October 14th, the steelhead catch & release season will be from October 15th to November 9th, and the steelhead harvest season will reopen again from November 10th to the end of the season.

Those that have asked these experienced fishing guides for help landing this fun-to-catch game fish have come away impressed with their experience with the company. Emily Fisher stated, “Toby and his crew were amazing for our all-day salmon fishing trip on the Clearwater. He was so knowledgeable and fun, not to mention he really put in the work to make sure that we got into some fish! It was a fabulous experience that I would highly suggest to anyone.” Eric Hill proclaimed, “I personally caught the largest Chinook Salmon out of the Columbia River ever with Toby, Son Tanner, and Nephew Tyler on 8/31/2020. We all caught our limits and then teased the smallmouth. It was an epic day and would love to do it all again! Thanks also to Jack for letting me park my rig at his place for the day, most appreciated. Thanks, Toby!”

Wyatt says that any individuals or groups that would like to book Deschutes Fall Chinook fishing trips with them or any of their other chinook fishing excursions can do so by calling them or referring to their website.


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