Obtaining a Hardship License is the Subject of the Latest Insurance Navy Blog Aricle

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Insurance Navy is a Chicago, Illinois headquartered company that is a major provider of non-standard auto insurance policies. This insurance company offers a wide variety of specialty auto insurance products such as SR-22 certificates at over 30 storefronts, through its call center, and online to those in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and California. But its helpful services do not begin and end with just the important auto insurance policies that it sells.

A good example of this is the blogs it posts on its website that have great information that is often related to the needs of those seeking non-standard auto insurance policies. Such is the case with the company’s latest blog article that discusses how someone facing hardships because of a license suspension may be able to obtain a restricted license. A spokesperson for the company says, “Unless you have had your car in the shop for a day or two and not been able to go anywhere because of that, you may not realize just how much not being able to get in your car and drive can impact your life. Now imagine what those that have had their driving privileges suspended for a lengthy period must endure. It makes everything from going to work to getting essential needs extremely difficult. That’s why we thought that doing an article on what a hardship license is was so important.”

The company’s latest blog post which is titled ‘What is a Hardship License or Restricted License?’, starts by saying that the company recognizes that driving is a fundamental part of almost everyone’s lives. When that privilege is taken away it can create several hardships and getting a restricted license may be a solution to the problems that come from having a suspended license. The article then went on to describe what a hardship license is. It states that even those with a suspended license still must do such things as get to work, go to school, and get their essential needs such as food which are not always nearby to where they reside. A hardship license (sometimes called a restricted license or restricted driving permit) will allow a driver with a suspended license to continue driving to specified locations at designated times. They typically specify such conditions as the number of miles that a person may drive from their residence, the days & hours of the week a person may drive, the paces they are allowed to drive to, and even the specific routes someone on a restricted license is or isn’t allowed to travel.

The article also mentions that most often driving privileges under this type of license will allow a person to do such things as attend school, get to work, seek medical treatment, and go to required or voluntary drug and alcohol treatments. It also talks about how several different factors determine whether a person has a chance of obtaining a restricted license and the hardship driver application process. This Insurance Navy Blog can be read in its entirety on the company website. It’s a location that also has many other helpful blog topics that are related to SR-22 certificates and convictions for major traffic violations that resulted in driver’s license suspensions or revocations.

Those that this insurance company has helped with non-standard auto insurance policies often leave rave reviews regarding its services. Chris S proclaimed, “I've had car insurance with Insurance Navy for a few years now. Every employee that I have had the pleasure to interact with has always treated me with above and beyond customer service. It seems like they love their work, and they truly care about helping the client get the best auto insurance rate possible! I also love that one of their downtown Chicago locations is only a 10-minute walk for me.” Maria B stated, “The helpful staff at Insurance Navy really listened to my needs and recommended an affordable car insurance policy that met my requirements. The customer service was fantastic. I recommend talking to them for all your car insurance needs and they will help you get the best rates.”

The company spokesperson also reminded that in addition to non-standard auto insurance policies, Insurance Navy also sells other financial products and services which include homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and roadside assistance plans.


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