Nutritionist Takes Top Spot At 2022 Steve Karr Bodybuilding Championship

Ike Cella of Ike Cella Nutrition Coaching, based in West Jordan, UT, recently won the #1 position in his category at the Steve Karr Bodybuilding Championship in November 2022. Cella strongly believes in being an example of what discipline and commitment can achieve, and his win demonstrates that anyone can do the same if they set themselves to the task.

As many of Cella’s clients have discovered, merely being active, weight training and so on is not enough to ensure the body reaches its full potential. While these are undoubtedly cornerstones of peak human health, it is an unfortunate truth that many will forget to pay attention to what they consume. Exacerbating the issue is the perceived barrier to entry — many feel that looking at nutrition labels, counting calories and other strategies are too difficult a habit to instill in themselves, especially if they are attempting to develop an exercise regimen at the same time. Fortunately, there is an easy answer. See more here:

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Ike Cella Nutrition Coaching seeks to simplify nutrition and make it more accessible for everyone, no matter where they may be in their fitness, weight loss or strength training journey. The company recognizes that people are often intimidated at the prospect of figuring out what nutrients work best for them, so the team essentially takes up this task on their behalf. They evaluate each client to determine what will work best for them, taking into account preferences, allergies and so on where applicable, and then create a concise report that can be used to develop a nutrition plan. This is step one.

The team at Ike Cella Nutrition Coaching then makes it their mission to help clients achieve their body goals, be they related to weight loss, proper nutrition, exercise, weight lifting, bodybuilding or overall physical performance. Their programs are heavily goal-oriented, taking into account each client’s preferences as well as their body’s unique needs. Cella explains that this is necessary to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their experience at Ike Cella Nutrition Coaching.

“Your body and its needs will not be the same as someone else,” says Cella, “even if they are on a similar path. Your body type, environment, schedule and so on play a role in how well you can implement a program, and we have found that it is crucial to take a client’s psychological limits into account as well. If you push yourself too hard early on, you run the risk of experiencing burnout, and this may create a significant obstacle between you and your best self. We approach every client with a fresh perspective, and we use the experience we’ve gathered working with hundreds of others to inform the decisions we will help you make.”

Cella goes on to say that each client is given every opportunity to learn more about their own body and its limits — and then how they may push or broaden those limits in a safe and consistent manner. While many might come to the company looking for short term, dramatic changes in their physique, Cella says they soon realize that the results they are looking for are more likely to remain if they are willing to consider any changes as the adoption of a new lifestyle (rather than a temporary regimen).

Erin T. says, “Coach Ike is amazing! He listens to my concerns and has helped me in multiple ways! He feels like not just a coach but a friend and mentor!” Similarly, Theresa C. says, “Ike is very goal oriented. When I follow the goals that we set together, I see results. I know that he truly wants to help me achieve my goals, which makes me want to work hard. He is always there to help me. He’s tough but caring at the same time.” See more here:

Ike Cella Nutrition Coaching is ready to help people learn more about their bodies and what they need to improve their health and wellness through nutrition. They invite the community to reach out today to start building a comprehensive nutrition plan to pursue their personal goals.


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