November 14th is National AntiAging For Dogs Day, the website of Dr. Natalie Kather and her husband, Stephen Cherniske, a biochemist and previous university instructor in clinical nutrition, will be celebrating the National Anti-Aging for Dogs Day on November 14. The couple has been responsible for the development of the RenuViteTM supplement for dogs that was designed to combat the effects of aging in companion canines. They believe it is appropriate to celebrate on that particular day, the key research that has allowed the development of a supplement that promotes mobility, energy, cognition, and immunity for dogs that are five years old and above.

Dr. Kather says, “We owe this celebration day to companion canines everywhere. Healthy longevity means being able to stay active and free from major disease despite getting older. Both humans and dogs crave longer health spans. We want lives filled with energy, mental clarity and quality. Humans and dogs want, and deserve, more than joint comfort. November 14 National Anti-Aging For Dogs Day celebrates breakthrough research making it possible to promote energy, mobility, cognition and immunity for dogs age 5 years and older. The Anti-Aging for Dogs supplement RenuViteTM has been helping thousands of dogs since 2018 to live better and more enjoyable lives.”

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RenuViteTM has a unique formulation that contains plant-based anti-inflammatory compounds. It also contains collagen and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that have been observed to provide benefits to the dog in just days in a way that family members can see and measure. This is an all-natural supplement that is endorsed by top veterinarians, backed by clinical research on dogs, and shown to promote energy, cognition, immunity, and mobility.

Many studies have shown that the most damaging elements in the metabolic model of aging are inflammation and oxidative stress. RenuViteTM has plant-based compounds from Aronia berry extract that studies have demonstrated to be capable of decreasing oxidative stress. It also contains Univestin™, a compound obtained from two plants, which has unrivaled scientific support in its capability to decrease inflammation, including clinical trials that have been published in seven peer-reviewed biomedical journals. Furthermore, in an independent clinical trial with dogs, Univestin was found to be twice as effective compared to the leading glucosamine / chondroitin product.

It is important to note that RenuViteTM contains ingredients that have been shown in studies to improve repair, such as DHEA and hydrolyzed collagen. Supplementing dogs with DHEA has shown substantial anti-aging effects. At the same time, oral supplementation with collagen has also been observed to help. Collagen is the protein that provides strength and elasticity in all types of connective tissue, including bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and skin.

RenuViteTM was formulated by world-renowned human performance expert Stephen Cherniske, MS, with the help of his wife, Dr. Kather, who is board certified in family medicine and is an expert in hormone balancing and anti-aging. Cherniske is the author of the bestselling book “The DHEA Breakthrough” and chief architect of The Metabolic Model of Aging. His passion for the Healthy Aging Movement has also been recognized in 2007 with the Yung Ho Lee Award. In the metabolic model of aging, there is a see-saw relationship between damage and repair. With aging comes reduced repair capacity with the result that there is accumulated damage. To counteract this, there is a need to boost repair and decrease damage.

Dr. Kather says, “We appreciate the health that companion canine relationships bring their human families. We know they help us to be calmer, more active and more compassionate. We know that they encourage us to get our 10,000 steps daily for healthier bodies and minds by getting outside for walks. Properly caring for a dog also means properly caring for ourselves. We salute all scientific endeavors to promote healthy aging for dogs. When their human companions see benefits so quickly in these dogs, they ask ‘What do you have for me? I also want a healthy life!’ Thus, the Healthy Aging Movement for humans moves forward when it moves forward for companion dogs.”

Those who would like to know more about RenuViteTM can check out the website, or they can ask for a “doc pack” of published research by contacting Stephen Cherniske via email.

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