New Discounts Offered By A-1 Auto Transport For Military Car Shipping

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Aptos, CA based A-1 Auto Transport is pleased to share a new discount program with clients in need of military car shipping. These discounts are available for all current and former military personnel, and anyone may contact the company today to make use of its services.

A-1 is a known quantity that services and delivers to a wide variety of destinations around the globe. The company provides a number of services that are designed to limit the logistical hassle associated with any large-scale move, and this too is available in a broad spectrum of scenarios. For instance, while some of the company’s highest priority clients are service members, it also works with clients who are undertaking long-distance moves; shipping or transporting cars, motorcycles, and more. They also move heavy equipment.

A-1 Auto Transport

To facilitate these services, A-1 has invested heavily in various aspects of its operation, with the culmination of these efforts being a position as one of the biggest and most reliable carrier fleets in the world. Thanks to the company’s deep respect for — and commitment to — current and former military personnel, the full benefit of this infrastructure is always at their disposal for long distance transportation.

The company encourages active duty military and veterans alike to make use of the discounts on their military car moving services. These discounts may be applicable no matter where the client or their property is located (or where it needs to be moved), and the company is also pleased to share that every branch of the armed forces is considered eligible for discounts. This applies to port-to-port vehicle shipping as well as door-to-door service, in case of international moves.

A quick look through the company’s reviews will demonstrate that it is adept at keeping its promises. For instance, A1 Auto Transport understands that clients will care a great deal about the progress and status of their property at any time. To ensure all goes as planned (and in line with the client’s expectations), the company shares regular updates that allow clients to track their property closely. This high degree of communication is especially crucial when a client is moving property in large numbers, as may often be the case with military transports.

S. Stone shares, “Our organization recently utilized A-1 services for an interstate auto transfer. Their consultative approach, punctual delivery and the pristine condition of our vehicles upon arrival were truly commendable. Their professional ethos is palpable in every facet of their service.”

A more recent review from C. Rainwood says, “I was initially hesitant about shipping my car overseas, but A-1 alleviated all my concerns. Their expertise in handling international documentation and compliance with global shipping regulations made the experience hassle-free. I can't recommend them highly enough for international auto transport.”

A-1 Auto Transport clarifies that service members or veterans may employ discounts for every type of vehicle the company is capable of transporting (not only military). However, many will want to choose A-1 for reasons other than their great rates. For instance, in addition to offering an extremely comprehensive service where transportation alone is concerned, the company offers a great deal of insight and guidance regarding local or international requirements, including documentation.

When a vehicle needs to cross state lines or national borders, certain rules or restrictions may apply, and the worst time to discover this is when the vehicle is already in transit or at its destination. To avoid the risk of clients wasting their hard-earned time and money, A-1 Auto Transport requires its support team to keep clients fully up-to-date with all requirements. They will point the client towards the specific documentation they need, for instance, or direct them over to the appropriate government portals if necessary.

A-1 Auto Transport aims to minimize hassle at every stage, and this is evident in the company’s positive reputation with its clients. Those interested in working with the company are invited to contact its main office today via phone or email. A-1 Auto Transport also has a presence on social media.


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