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Chastin J Miles Shares His True Passion For Enriching And Empowering The Growth Of Real Estate Entrepreneurs Nationwide

Dallas -Texas – Real Estate Expert, Thought Leader, Public Speaker, and Business Advisor Chastin J. Miles credits his incredible success to having the right tools to navigate and take advantage of the age of content creation. Miles is chronicling his journey from a struggling real estate agent to an entrepreneur who now oversees a team of over 150 agents - all through his efforts of content creation via YouTube and social media.

Chastin J Miles Contentpreneur and Real Estate Influencer

Marketing is an essential function for entrepreneurs in all industries. A sound marketing strategy allows business owners to raise awareness of their business, generate leads, and drive sales. This is especially important in Real Estate. By gaining an understanding of target markets and then crafting effective marketing campaigns, agents are able to keep a line of communication open with their audience and potential leads while also showcasing their personal brand to expand their business and boost sales.

Chastin J. Miles is an example of a forward-thinker who has been able to quit his full-time job and grow a multi-million dollar real estate business all through YouTube. Launched in 2005, YouTube boasts two billion monthly active users. According to a study from Pew Research Center, more American adults use YouTube than any other social network - 81% of them to be exact.

Miles was quickly able to realize that as a video platform, YouTube has a much more profound impact on viewers than other social media or email marketing. Additionally, unlike other social media platforms, it’s a search engine where users actively search for information - meaning a three-year-old video can still generate a lead. Capitalizing on content marketing, Miles puts the focus on keeping his content calendar flowing, fresh and educational.

Currently, with millions of views across social media and a following to match, now hundreds of thousands of other budding entrepreneurs rely on Miles' insight for knowledge about how to be successful as well as guidance on building their own brands.

“I just documented what I was doing every day and I was vulnerable enough to put it out there publicly,” said Miles. “I was simply putting up videos to try to get real estate business but people were seeing me in another light…even though I didn’t feel like an expert!”

Miles took his first strides in the real estate industry back in 2014 as a solo agent trying to hustle for business. He quickly moved his career in an unconventional direction thanks to the success he found on social media. Today he is leading one of America's fastest-growing modern real estate teams nationwide. He's also built several multi-million dollar companies leveraging the power of content through social media.

Additionally, Miles is giving back to his peer community of real estate agents by spearheading: Power Unit Coaching. The company's mission is to empower, motivate and train the next generation of entrepreneurs through its network. It’s a mastermind group for entrepreneurs where they can garner training and step-by-step guidance, network with other successful people, and gain a more hands-on approach through expert advice and connections.

“When you have that message and you’re passionate about it and what you want to share, creating content about it becomes more of a release instead of simply attached to an end result,” adds Miles. “I want to help and urge others to embrace content marketing as a necessary channel to build trusting relationships with clients, boost brand awareness, and drive traffic.”

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About Chastin J Miles

Chastin J. Miles is an entrepreneur, author, and real estate agent with a proven track record of helping others get into the best position to succeed. His 'life coach' style has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals in life. He's also been featured on Forbes, Essence, D Magazine, FoxNews and NBC for his work as a multifaceted entrepreneur.

He believes that with the right guidance and support, anyone can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. He has dedicated his career to providing the tools and resources necessary for individuals to not only achieve their goals, but to exceed them. Whether through coaching, training, or simply lending a helping hand, Miles is committed to empowering others to reach their full potential.


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