Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services Provides Legal Appraisals for Twin Cities

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, a real estate appraisals company based in Roseville, MN, wants to point out that they are offering legal appraisals for the Twin Cities metropolitan area. With today's legal climate, there is a need for highly skilled professionals to help win settlements or court decisions and the appraisers at Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services have significant knowledge and experience in providing litigation support and expert witness services. Clients who have already used their expert testimony services include tax entities, financial institutions, government agencies, legal and accounting firms and many other kinds of organizations.

Clark Goset, owner of Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, says, “We are often called upon to assist in valuing commercial and income property during estate proceedings. We provide accurate appraisals that would stand up in court if ever the need arose. We are certified court appraisers with the experience to assure confidence of all involved.”

The appraisers at Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services have been hired to help in various kinds of legal issues. These include: marital dissolution divorce, partnership, taxation issues etc.; stigmatized property; condemnation and eminent domain cases; estate settlement; easement disputes; title flaws; construction defect, or physical obsolescence; bankruptcy, lean striping etc.; loan underwriting; litigation support; insurance disputes; eminent domain takings; municipal assessment; relocation’s foreclosures; estates & probate; and retrospective appraisals.

Clark Goset says, “We are committed to remaining unbiased in performing our services. But we can consult with you and advise you about the relative strength of an appraisal presented by opposing parties. We can also perform additional research and analysis to support or discredit assumptions or conclusions. With our experience and proven track record we are ready to take on any type of appraisal assignment and our appraisal values stand up under the most severe scrutiny. Our experience in providing legal appraisal services have been in: easement & encroachments; boundary disputes; bankruptcy & lean stripping; dissolution; probate; condemnation & eminent domain; tax appeals; and estate planning services.”

Meanwhile, the appraisal company had also noted how were property values affected by the Fed’s recent interest rate hikes. The Federal Reserve had increased interest rates several times recently that the interest rate has reached its highest level since 2007. While the Fed’s intention in the interest rate hikes was to stabilize prices, they have made it more difficult for businesses looking for funds to expand their operations. The interest rate hikes have had so many economic repercussions that experts have been warning about a possible recession. Among the many things affected by the higher interest rates is the price of commercial properties.

When interest rates go up, the cost of borrowing also goes up, which means the monthly payments for the money borrowed to purchase a property also increase. This causes a rise in the number of property owners defaulting on their payments or having less funds for other important things in the business. Higher interest rates also mean lower returns on a property because the costs of holding that property have increased. Meanwhile, while commercial property prices would be expected to increase too, the opposite became true because the increase in the cost of funding has reduced the demand for real estate, causing prices to decline. Lastly, economic growth has slowed down because of higher inflation, which also means less demand for real estate. All of these also need to be taken into account in their appraisal services.

Clark Goset, owner of Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, began his career in 1983 as an independent real estate appraiser for the Twin Cities Metropolitan market. Currently, he has established a portfolio of more than 10,000 fee appraisals and his client list has over 300 local financial companies, lawyer, and #4002042 relocation companies. He is also a certified real estate valuation expert witness for county, state, and federal courts. He obtained his BS degree from the School of Business of the University of Hawaii in 1971. He worked a a realtor in the Twin Cities area for several years before deciding to focus on providing independent real estate appraisals. He is certified as a general real property appraiser for all kinds of real estate.

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