Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers Have Established One of the Areas Most Well-Rounded Legal Practices

Ryan Garry LLC is one of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area’s most experienced and successful criminal defense lawyers. This attorney and his associates have used their many years of experience in both state and federal court to continually get the best possible outcomes for the clients they defend. It’s a criminal defense firm that also does much more than just take on typical types of criminal cases such as DWI, domestic assault, and robberies. The fact that Ryan Gary LLC also handles more severe crimes such as white-collar crimes, murders, and criminal sexual conduct has helped it establish a reputation as one of the most well-rounded criminal defense firms in Minneapolis. Attorney Garry says, “To our firm, there is no such thing as an easy type of criminal case to defend or a crime that can be placed in a small or big category. That’s because those that come to me for legal assistance are facing possible jail time and a conviction that can quite dramatically alter their lives forever. This is something that I take very seriously and why I have expanded my practice to include such a wide variety of criminal defense specialties.”

Attorney Garry went on to say that everyone that comes to him for legal assistance in a criminal case has the right to be presumed innocent until found guilty by a court of law. It’s how the legal system is made to work for everyone in the USA and it’s a legal system that he firmly believes in. That’s why when he defends a client in a criminal case, he does everything in his power to put the burden of proof on the prosecution and vehemently and intelligently challenges any evidence that is not strongly backed by facts. This is a criminal defense approach that has helped him consistently get the best possible outcome for those he represents. While he treats all his criminal defense cases with this same approach, he admitted that some types of crimes are more difficult to defend than others, but he never shies away from the challenge when a client’s reputation and way of life are at stake. That’s why Ryan Garry LLC, MN criminal lawyers has no problem helping clients that have been accused of murder, narcotics trafficking, arson, kidnapping, armed robbery, and even the most severe federal crimes. Other criminal defense areas where he considers himself and his team to be very competent include DWI & DUI cases, all sorts of drug crimes, white-collar crimes, domestic assault cases, sexual misconduct, money laundering, and a variety of fraud situations such as representing those that have been accused of healthcare, mail, and identity fraud. Attorney Garry stated that he is especially proud of the fact that many of his cases come as referrals from fellow attorneys that have witnessed firsthand the highly professional and efficient manner that he conducts himself in a court of law.

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Those that have sought criminal defense help from Attorney Garry often leave very favorable reviews of that experience. Marion Weight stated, “From the moment I called and spoke with Ryan to the moment my case was finalized, he was great. I was in panic mode when I first spoke with him and after the conversation, I felt at ease. Ryan was with me every step of the way. He was professional, informative, and reassuring. He was always there to answer any questions I had, gave me constant updates on my case, and went above and beyond to get the best outcome possible. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends if they ever need an attorney in his field.” Ortensia Pugliesi proclaimed, “Ryan Garry definitely helped our family through some very tough times. He was extremely professional yet personable; not to mention a great lawyer. He was very attentive and on top of everything related to my brother’s case. Honestly, Ryan seemed to have worked a miracle. My entire family was astonished by the results, and we will forever be grateful. Working with Mr. Garry was truly a pleasure. If you are looking for a lawyer. Look no further! Thanks, Ryan!” Those that are interested in learning more about the legal services that Ryan Garry - Criminal Defense Attorney offers can contact them by phone or visit their website.


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