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Michigan probation violation lawyer Paul J. Tafelski released a new article (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/probation-lawyer/) explaining probation. The lawyer mentions that there are different levels of probation. First, there is supervised probation where a defendant would need to meet with a probation officer regularly. Then, there is also the unsupervised probation where the defendant will just receive a piece of paper in the mail to verify if they’re doing fine and their accomplishments.

According to the Michigan probation violation lawyer, “Within the realm of supervised or unsupervised probation, there are usually three tiers. These aren’t official but in general, what you’ll find is there’ll be easier level probation with fewer requirements. There will be a middle level of probation with a little bit more and there will be intense level probation where they are heavily involved in everything you’re doing and requiring a great deal of time and attention by the client.”

Michigan probation violation lawyer

The lawyer explains that it is important for people to understand that all probations are not the same. Depending on the person’s history, their particular offense, the judge, and the court, the probation can be very different. The worst-case scenario for people who are on probation would be getting so close to the end of their probation and then violating it and going to jail instead.

Attorney Paul J. Tafelski says that a probation violation meant violating the conditions of probation such as driving out of the state of Michigan without permission. A person may also violate their probation if they fail to check in on time with a probation officer. Failing to abide by even one of the conditions outlined in MCL 771.3 can result in a probation violation.

In the article, attorney Tafelski says that there may be defenses for a probation violation. However, it would depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the violation. A probation violation attorney may be able to help the defendant argue the charge.

“After you have gone through the criminal process and have been convicted of an offense for which you now are on probation, it can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing to learn that you are being charged with a probation violation when you have not done anything wrong. In such a case, it is extremely important to reach out to an experienced probation violation lawyer who can help you with your case,” says the defense lawyer.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when facing a probation violation charge. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and protect their freedom.

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