Michigan Podiatrist Is Offering Saorsa Swift Microwave Laser Treatment For Plantars Warts

Michigan podiatrist Royalton Foot and Ankle Associates is now offering the benefits of the Saorsa Swift Microwave Treatment System to its patients. The brand new high-tech treatment method from Saorsa Inc. helps podiatrists remove plantar warts in a completely clean manner with no smoke, no anesthetic, and no post-procedural dressing.

A plantar wart is a hard, grainy growth that usually appears on the bottom of the foot, in areas where the most pressure is absorbed. They spread through viral infections and, consequently, mostly affect those with weakened immune systems, such as children and senior citizens. Some plantar warts grow inwards due to too much pressure and form a callus. Plantar warts may reduce a person’s mobility as it makes it difficult to move around without feeling pain in every step that one takes.

Swift Microwave Therapy for Plantar Wart Treatment

Traditional methods to remove plantar warts have included cryotherapy, salicylic acid, immunotherapy, electrocautery, lasers, and excision. Each of these methods has its drawbacks and advantages and the podiatrist can choose to use any of them based on the patient’s budget and comfort level with pain. Some methods, such as cryotherapy, require local anesthesia and usually cause damage to the surrounding tissue.

The Saorsa Swift Microwave Treatment System, in contrast, uses the power of microwaves to directly target the root cause of the issue. Microwaves have been used in clinical settings for the treatment of cancer for over 30 years. The Saorsa system uses the same basic principle to destroy harmful cells and offer a pain-free treatment of plantar warts. The pain felt by the patient post-procedure is so minimal that it is almost imperceptible. There is also no need for dressing the treated area after the procedure. Swift Microwave Treatment offers so many benefits that it has cemented itself as the go-to, most reliable and most effective plantar wart treatment option in all of the podiatrist practices where it is currently offered. The treatment, which launched in 2019, has already gained universal approval among podiatrists across the country.

The Saorsa Microwave Treatment works by creating microwaves inside a unique, compact generator. As soon as the treatment begins, Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled dose of microwaves that work within a pre-determined field. The power and intensity of the microwaves are very precisely controlled enabling the podiatrist to exactly control how deep they penetrate the skin. Water molecules within the tissue begin colliding and creating localized heat energy which targets the root cause of the condition.

A spokesperson for Royalton Foot And Ankle talks about its Saorsa Swift Microwave Treatment for plantar warts by saying, “Most cases of plantar warts can go away on their own with time. However, those living an active life might want an assured solution that provides faster relief and lets them continue their daily schedule unimpeded. With the introduction of the Saorsa Swift Microwave Treatment System, we are ensuring that our patients in St. Joseph, Michigan, have the best possible treatment possible for this condition. You shouldn’t have to lose a single day to pain or discomfort to correct this benign impairment. With the help of microwave therapy, you can get back to your regular life with zero interruptions and resume doing what is most important to you.”

Apart from the treatment for plantar warts, Royalton Foot And Ankle provides treatment for a wide range of foot conditions such as Achilles, ankle fractures, bunions, cracked heels, Charcot foot, diabetes foot care, diabetic neuropathy, flatfoot, ganglion cyst, gout, Haglund's deformity, neuroma, osteoarthritis, heel pain, Hallux Rigidus, hammer toe, plantar fibroma, plantar wart, rheumatoid arthritis, soft-tissue biopsy, and ingrown toenails.

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