Melrose Recovery Updates Resources on Orange County Addiction Treatment

Melrose Recovery, a top addiction treatment facility in Anaheim, CA, has recently updated its resources for people struggling with cocaine and heroin addiction. The first updated resource focuses on proven drug and alcohol rehabs in Orange County, including the personalized and comprehensive care that Melrose Recovery provides to people who have been struggling with addiction for many years.

With the updating of these resources and a new website launch coming soon, Melrose Recovery is reaffirming its commitment to helping people who need to overcome addiction and get back to their normal lives. In addition to their detox center, residential treatment center, and addiction aftercare program, they offer addiction therapy services to help clients in comprehending the underlying causes of their addictions.

A group of alumni and staff find recovery at Melrose Recovery in Orange County CA

Examples of their therapy program options are one-on-one sessions of psychotherapy that provide a safe environment for unearthing and discovering dysfunction; young adult programs that are focused on the specific needs of a demographic that is usually neglected by most facilities; group therapy that enables peer education, positive feedback, and joint learning; family therapy for helping clients handle negative patterns in their close relationships and familial situations; aftercare planning; and availability of the 12 Step facilitation therapy.

They want to point out that what makes them different from other similar facilities is their focus on enabling their clients who are starting recovery to enjoy life again. That is why they let clients participate in holistic and experiential therapies, including music therapy, art therapy, attendance at local events, and competitive sports.

The second resource focuses on effective treatment programs for heroin. It provides insights into the heroin addiction epidemic in the Orange County area and emphasizes the comprehensive addiction treatment programs available at the Melrose Recovery Group. The facility's team of experienced and compassionate professionals employs evidence-based treatment methods to help clients achieve long-lasting recovery from heroin addiction.

For their heroin addiction treatment program, they will be using a combination of many therapy services, including a family therapy program; women’s addiction rehab program; men’s addiction rehab program; art therapy program; music therapy program; individual therapy program; group therapy program; 30-day Suboxone taper; and experiential therapy program.

The third resource examines the effective methods of cocaine addiction treatment. Their guide provides helpful details regarding the nature of cocaine addiction and the harm it can do to the person's physical and mental health. A spokesperson for Melrose Recovery says, “The disease of addiction is not only cunning, but it’s also extremely powerful as it takes control of your brain. Addiction hijacks the part of your brain that’s responsible for survival. Because of this, it’s common for people to believe that they don’t need help from a cocaine addiction treatment center. That’s why you need to know the signs of addiction and cocaine withdrawal symptoms so you can get the help you need.”

Signs of addiction include: using more than planned; regularly thinking about using cocaine again; having financial problems due to cocaine use; friends and family commenting on the patient’s cocaine use; and having problems at work because of cocaine use. For cocaine addiction, their treatment programs include cocaine detox, group therapy programs, art therapy programs, and even adventure therapy. Adventure therapy is important because it allows the clients to see what they have been missing as a result of their cocaine use.

Founded in 2015, Melrose Recovery provides an effective addiction treatment facility in Anaheim, which is part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, CA, and is only minutes away from Hollywood and the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica. They have a dedicated team of experienced and well-trained addiction experts and counselors capable of providing customized addiction treatment programs to help clients get on their way to recovery. Determining the appropriate drug or alcohol treatment program is essential to the recovery process, which is why they work with clients one-on-one to find the proper treatment plan for each client, and to ensure recovery services are personalized for each individual that enters their facilities.

With completely updated resources alongside a robust digital presence, plus years of success helping clients overcome cocaine use, Melrose Recovery continues to set the standard for addiction treatment in Orange County. They are inviting all those interested in learning more to reach out to them and inquire about the availability of programs and find out about scheduling treatment for themselves or a loved one.


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