Maná 75 Offers Guide to the Best Restaurants in Barcelona that Serve Traditional Spanish Food

Maná 75, a well-known restaurant in Barcelona, Spain, has recently published a list of the best restaurants in 2023 for tourists who are looking for traditional Spanish food, experiences, and restaurants in the city of Barcelona. These are restaurants that serve the best paellas, tapas, and other traditional Spanish food. Barcelona is a city found on the coast of the northeastern part of Spain. It is the biggest city and the capital of Catalonia, which is an autonomous community in Spain. This list of the top Barcelona restaurants can be accessed at

They present a list of the top 32 Barcelona restaurants that tourists should try in 2023 based on their TripAdvisor and Google reviews, comments from local residents, if the restaurant was given a Michelin star, and how many times the restaurant was mentioned in Forbes magazine. These have been subdivided into a number of categories, such as: the best for tasting local food; the original restaurants in the Catalan capital; the least expensive restaurants but are still good and nice; restaurants recommended by the residents; and the restaurants with the best interior designs.

Maná 75 has also published a list of the best tapas bars in Barcelona. A spokesperson says, “Finding quality tapas is not an easy task either and even more so in the city of Barcelona where in each street there are more than 4 tapas bars or restaurants. That's why we list 30 restaurants in Barcelona that offer exquisite traditional tapas with the best value for money. We can assure you that they will leave you wanting more and that they will make you live an extraordinary experience.”

Tapas, just like paellas, are some of the best known kinds of Spanish cuisine. Tapas are basically bar snacks that are often served with wine or beer. They are small plates of food and have been traditionally offered for free with each drink but that is no longer the case today. Tapas are often used as snacks before a late dinner, as is typical in Spain. There are various types of tapas, which are the: pinchos or pintxos; cold tapas; hot tapas; and cheese and charcuterie platters. Pinchos are bread slices with different kinds of toppings. Cold tapas can range from cold soups, such as salmorejo and gazpacho, snacks such as anchovies and olives, to salads. Hot tapas vary by a wide range. The cheese and charcuterie platters usually include both soft and hard cheeses and various kinds of “embutidos” from jamon serrano, chorizo, to local cured meats. Their list of the best tapas bars in Barcelona can be accessed at

Meanwhile, Maná 75 is not just a paella restaurant in Barcelona but also offers a unique experience for customers. Customers can immerse themselves in a Mediterranean ambiance with their warm, welcoming and stylish interior that is also cheerful and informal.

A spokesperson for Maná 75 says, “In the MANÁ 75 menu, our paellas play a key role, they are a classic dish which you cannot miss. From the authentic arroz del “señorito” to the arroz caldoso (literally “brothy rice”) and from paella with chicken and shrimp with green asparagus to the seafood fideuada (with noodles instead of rice), all these dishes are cooked in full view on a spectacular 19 paella pan bar. Yet, MANÁ 75 is not only about paella. The menu also features the specialties from the Catalan cuisine ideal for dinners or light meals and the traditional recipes from the Mediterranean which have been created to bring people together.”

Maná 75 restaurant is located in La Barceloneta, by the beach, near the W Hotel Barcelona. La Barceloneta is a well-known spot for enjoying good paella in a good company in the city of Barcelona, with its summer vibe and atmosphere all year round. Their menu contains 12 types of authentic Spanish paellas allowing them to cater to every taste. All of the paellas they serve are cooked on an open fire in front of the guests using the freshest local products. More information about this restaurant can be gleaned from


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