Lucid Leverage Is Offering A Press Release Writing Service For Businesses In Phoenix, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona -

Lucid Leverage is offering a press release writing service in Phoenix, Arizona, to businesses who want to dominate local search results in the Grand Canyon State.

Press releases are a strong way to bolster a brand or business’s online presence. Having a strategy that enables the production and publication of press releases on a regular schedule, keeps a business on the top of its ideal customers’ minds. Press releases can even work hand in hand with an SEO strategy that has already been successfully implemented. Moreover, news aggregator services like Google News offer an avenue for digital marketing that is effective but hasn’t yet been utilized to its fullest potential by most small businesses.

Christopher Quintela, owner of Lucid Leverage talks about the benefits that press releases offer by saying, “A company’s brand value is an intangible asset that may end up being more important than all its tangible assets combined. It doesn’t matter how much inventory you own, how efficient your supply chain is, or how progressive your work culture is. If you can’t translate these qualities that make you special into a marketing pitch that is reaching your target audience, your brand is going to be indistinguishable from your competitors. Your clients need to know exactly why you are the best at what you do. The onus is on you to give them a reason to care. The best way to achieve this is to constantly remind them of everything that separates you from the chaff. Press releases help give your brand character by carefully crafting a meticulous image of your company in the readers’ minds. They help to create a non-invasive introduction to your brand’s products and services. By publishing them periodically, you also take advantage of the news cycle to never leave their radar.”

The owner then talks about the strategy of crafting content-rich and informative press releases by saying, “Customers will flock to your products or services if you give them some free information to kickstart the conversation. Everybody loves free stuff. If you give them some valuable tips to solve their problem for free, they will look at your brand favorably. They will also be more likely to give you their business if they ever happen to need the kind of products or services that you provide. Customers need something to latch on to. By positioning yourself as an industry expert that is also forthright about sharing information, you can gain an audience that will be loyal to your brand for a long time.”

One of the challenges in creating compelling press releases is the specialized set of skills required to craft them. Press releases have to meet certain editorial requirements to get picked up by online publications. Digital media publications have a reputation to uphold and are very strict about the kind of content that they publish on their platform. Apart from being well-written and factually accurate, the content also has to be newsworthy and engaging. Small businesses that want experts to handle their press releases can turn to the services offered by professional PR agencies such as Tempe-based Lucid Leverage.

Lucid Leverage has a staff full of qualified and experienced writers who craft original SEO-optimized press releases. The press releases are written to meet the journalistic standards enforced by major online news outlets. To ensure that the company’s output exceeds reader expectations, Lucid Leverage also has a team of dedicated editors who edit and proofread every press release to make them error-free. The company then distributes the press releases to publications such as Yahoo Finance, Gannett, FOX, ABC, NBC, the CW, and more.

Readers looking to enlist the services of the best PR agency Phoenix, Arizona, has to offer can contact Lucid Leverage at the phone number 480-269-4544. Small business owners from Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and the rest of the Phoenix Metro Valley can also visit its offices at 60 E Rio Salado Pkwy, 9th Floor, Suite 313, Tempe, AZ 85281.


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