Illinois Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Explains How Visitation Works in Illinois, Chicago

Illinois divorce lawyer Russell D. Knight releases a new article ( that explains how visitation works in Illinois, Chicago. According to the lawyer, Illinois has two distinct parenting systems: visitation and custody. The decision-making process for children of divorced parents is known as "custody". This was modified in 2016 to ensure that parents no longer feel emotionally charged and unequal with terms like "custody", and "visitation".

"Now the courts require any parents in a domestic relations action to propose a parenting plan within 120 days. That parenting plan is to outline the 1) parental responsibilities of each party and 2) parenting time of each party," says the Illinois divorce lawyer.

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The lawyer explains that a parenting plan will outline how parental responsibilities should be divided. This plan is vital, especially for areas in the child's life where both parents or one of them will make major decisions that will impact their lives significantly.

Attorney Russell Knight says there are four important issues that must be addressed in the parenting plan. These include education (including the selection of schools and tutors), religion, health, and extracurricular activities. The immediate decisions will remain in the scope of the parent who is present at the time.

The lawyer also mentions that parents are supposed to discuss their parenting plans and reach an agreement once they have submitted them. This agreement, known as an "allocation judgment", will be presented to the judge. Mediation will be required if the parents cannot agree on their plans.

Attorney Knight also explains that the court will decide what is best for the child after considering the plans of both parents. The court will take into account the wishes of the child, how the child will adjust to their new home, the mental and physical health of all involved, the wishes of both parents, the child’s needs, as well as any other factors that they deem relevant.

The Chicago divorce lawyer stresses the importance of having a competent lawyer to help with issues such as mediation and parenting plans. An experienced attorney may be able to help clients understand their rights and responsibilities during divorce proceedings, as well as their rights to their children if any.

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