Icarus Behavioral Health Offers Treatment For Meth Sores

Albuquerque, New Mexico -

NM based Icarus Behavioral Health would like to offer their treatment for meth sores to residents of Albuquerque who may be suffering from this form of substance abuse. Icarus Behavioral Health wants to use its expertise in all aspects of methamphetamine treatment to help Albuquerque residents work through their addiction issues and recover from injuries and conditions caused by the use of drugs. They also published an article on meth sores recently where they closely examine the root causes behind certain skin issues and talk about the best ways to avoid or treat said conditions.

“Meth sores are one of the many harmful physical effects that methamphetamine users experience as they frequently use the drug,” the article says. “Most of the time, long-term meth users are typically the ones who suffer the most from these symptoms. Meth sores are similar to pimples or rashes in appearance. They are red, sore and may appear like acne if you aren’t looking closely enough. Meth sores are incredibly uncomfortable, itchy and painful. They can also cause various side effects once they are formed. Harmful bacteria seep into sores, causing skin infections to form.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that stimulates the central nervous system. It is similar to related drugs, known as amphetamines, which are used to treat individuals who have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It is commonly taken by smoking, snorting or injecting (after being dissolved in water or alcohol). Sometimes, it is taken in the form of pills which induce a euphoric high. The drug has a number of side effects which range from unsightly meth sores to potentially fatal heart disease.

“Meth is a stimulant drug that causes those who use it to go into a state of euphoria, temporarily boosting their senses, energy levels, emotions and brain activity,” says Icarus. “This state of euphoria only lasts temporarily, which means that individuals who struggle with meth abuse and addiction often participate in repeated meth use to consistently immerse themselves into the stimulant effects. As mentioned before, meth is highly addictive. Overuse of the drug can cause harmful effects on the body, possibly causing permanent damage to an individual’s physical and mental health or even death.”

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, using meth enhances the body’s physical capabilities since it is a stimulant drug. This, combined with the euphoria it induces, makes the high very appealing, further adding to the drug’s potential for causing addiction. Meth works by producing higher levels of dopamine, the hormone produced when people experience happiness. Frequent use can be extremely harmful, which is why the drug is banned across the country. Meth comes in a variety of different forms, some more potent than others, and many look so different that it is not always easy to tell that it is a form of meth. An example of this is pink meth, which has a distinctive pink color.

One of the most common forms of meth is crystal meth, which is identified by its crystal-like appearance. Icarus’ article says, “If you’ve heard about meth, then you’ve probably heard about something called crystal meth as well. These two drugs are the same in effect but not appearance. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that crystal meth gained its nickname largely for its texture. Unlike regular meth, which comes in the form of a powder, crystal meth is seen as a crystalized form of the drug that looks like small glass fragments or shiny rocks. Crystal meth users experience more immersive and intense effects because this version of the drug is more potent. Both forms can also be made at home with some effort, which contributes to the increasing rate of meth addiction, as lower grade forms of meth can easily be manufactured despite attempts to curb access to ephedrine and other core ingredients in home meth recipes.”

Icarus also shared an article that explores what is known as the cocaine comedown, what it can feel like and the health risks associated with it. Anyone interested in learning more may visit the official Icarus Behavioral Health website to read about a variety of drugs, their effects and even how to help someone who may be struggling with addiction. Those interested in Admission can reach out directly to their phone hotline for availability.


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