Herpes Singles Can Date Without the Embarrassment and Rejection Through the Help of MeetPositives.com

Meetpositives.com is happy to announce that individuals who have genital herpes, which is a common condition in the US, can start dating again and avoid the potential embarrassment and rejection they often encountered when dating people who are not positive. By joining the Meet Positives community, people who tested positive for herpes simplex virus (HSV) can find singles who also tested positive for herpes or any other sexually transmitted disease (STD) and have the opportunity to go on a date. One in five people in the US have genital herpes as it is the most prevalent STD in the United States in recent years. With thousands of herpes positive singles in the Meet Positives community, herpes singles may not only meet other herpes positive singles but they can also find important information on managing their condition and learn how to live a happy and healthy life despite their condition.

Michael Task, a spokesperson for MeetPositives.com, says, “A lot of people are surprised by how common herpes is. Over 40 million of people live with this draining yet common condition, but only a few know they are infected. If you are living with herpes, you are not alone. There are many others like you and even though there’s no cure for herpes, you can still live a happy and healthy life. Meet Positives was built for positives and has thousands of herpes singles who have made this website their sharing platform. Members share their stories and information on how to live a better life with the infection. By joining you will enjoy a number of benefits.”

It is understandable that herpes dating is very difficult when the other person does not have the condition. Positive singles may start dating without revealing their condition. However, there will come a time when it becomes necessary to tell their dating partner about their condition. Having this “talk” is not just uncomfortable, it can be potentially embarrassing. There is a high risk that the other person will be surprised and likely reject the positive single.

With the help of the Meet Positives platform, herpes singles will no longer be afraid of going on a date and then getting rejected because of their condition. Those who join the Meet Positives community have provided important information regarding their status. This makes it easy for other members to find individuals who are also herpes positive and possibly form a relationship with them. With thousands of herpes singles looking for someone just like them, members have a lot of opportunity in finding someone who will surely understand their condition and will likely be willing to develop a relationship with them. Herpes singles will no longer have to be afraid of “the talk” and what is more, joining Meet Positives is free.

Meet Positives website functions as a dynamic private STD dating platform where members are given to opportunity to become acquainted with other positive singles who fully comprehend their situation, thus providing them with the confidence to date normally without the fear of getting rejected due to their condition. Meet Positives can be helpful in discovering friendships and dates, and possibly, long-lasting personal relationships and romance.

There are a number of factors that make Meet Positives stand out from other communities offering the same services. These include the fact that: their algorithm is capable of accurately matching individuals; participation in an STD community where it is possible to obtain online dating tips and more; they offer STD dating advice; and the use of strategies that are better than those provided by STD personal ads and conventional dating sites.

The Trust and Safety team members at Meet Positives team have more than 20 years of matchmaking experience and have developed a good reputation. Starting in 2019, Meet Positives has served as a stand alone dating site for positive singles. However, it can not be compared to other STD communities in that Meet Positives does not belong to any affiliate network. Meet Positives provides services to community members on its own to ensure that members are able to enjoy the benefits provided by the community.

Those who are looking for dating site for herpes singles can visit the Meet Positives website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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